How To Recover Deleted Photos From Telegram Including Deleted Telegram Videos And Telegram Files

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Telegram is one of the best instant messaging apps.

It has lots of extra features if we compare it to WhatsApp or other similar apps. It has self-destructing messages, large file sending capacity, supergroups, channels, and whatnot. We have already listed some best channels on Telegram worth joining.

Messages on Telegram are stored on its cloud server and you can access them by logging in through other phones or PC also.

The problem is that when you delete a message from any device, it is completely deleted. You can not get deleted messages back on Telegram anyway.

However, by following these very simple steps, you can recover deleted photos and videos on Telegram. Apart from photos and videos, you can also get your audio files, GIFs, and documents like PDF.

Avoid Losing Your Precious Photos In The Future

For the future, we would like to suggest something that will be helpful for the future.

Whenever you think a photo or video is important, save it to the gallery. You can do it simply by tapping on the ‘Three dots’ icon on the top right side of any message and then selecting ‘Save to gallery’.

If your photos or videos get deleted accidentally, you can always find them in your Phone’s gallery.

save photos and videos to gallery on Telegram

How To Retrieve Deleted Photos, Videos, And Other Files On Telegram

Method 1

This method uses the File Manager of your device and it is the easiest way to recover deleted Telegram files. Now let’s get to the steps.

  1. When your chat gets deleted, go to File Manager on your phone and tap on the ‘Telegram’ folder.
Recover Deleted Photos And Videos On Telegram From File Manager
  1. Next, tap on Telegram Images, Telegram Video, etc. to view your deleted files.
  2. You will find all the images, videos, and other documents saved there. You can also open the Telegram Documents and Telegram Audio if you lost such files too.

After you found your desired file, you can create a separate folder on the homepage of ‘File Manager’ and copy the important files there to reach them from your gallery quickly. You can also cut or copy these files from the Telegram folder and paste them into some other folder.

Retrieve Deleted Photos And Videos On Telegram

Method 2

If you deleted the Telegram folder from the file manager or cannot access it due to whatsoever reason, the cache folder of your device can help you out. Like the above method, this method is also simple and quick to follow.

  1. First of all, open the Android folder on your mobile.
mobile android folder
  1. After that, open the data folder.
Telegram data
  1. From the various folders available, locate the Telegram folder.
locate Telegram folder
  1. Open the Cache folder after that.
Telegram cache files
  1. Here you will see all the files related to your Telegram account. Similar to the Telegram folder in the file manager, you can cut or copy files from the cache folder and save them wherever you want.
restore deleted Telegram photos and other files

Please remember, you can not recover the photos and videos that you didn’t download in the chats. To get them back, you have to message your friend to send them again.

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So, these were some easy methods to recover your deleted files on Telegram.

There are many other exciting features in Telegram that you can make use of. Like you can use several bots in Telegram that can assist you in almost every way. Other than that, you can also perform editing functions and add a variety of stickers to your photos.

There is nothing better than Telegram if you know all the features in it and master the use of Telegram. That is why we have written many articles to simplify your Telegram usage.

If you need to recover more data on your phone, you can use data recovery software. For example, if you own an iPhone, you can find a list of such software here.

If you face any problems, you can ask us in the comment section.

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