8 Best Tractor Games For Android And iPhone To Play Right Now

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Tractors and farms are some of the things that we get to see in the countryside. I myself always wondered how would it feel like to drive the tractors. A tractor can help in different ways for eg, pulling heavy machinery, plowing the land or to supply of good to the market. Now as we don’t get to visit the countryside or know how to drive a tractor, we present you with the best tractor games available for Android and iOS which can give you a taste of that.

You can help in cultivating a farm or deliver the goods to their destination using your driving skills in these games. These games are more famous among toddlers and kids, but they can be played by anyone who is willing to.

Best Tractor Games To Try Out

1. Heavy Tractor Trolley Driver Simulator Game

Heavy Tractor Trolley Driver Simulator Game

Drive through the ups and downs of the hilly roads and carefully deliver the loads to their destination. In this game, you will get to control and drive a tractor. You have to move in the direction of arrows and go through the red marked area on the road to pick and drop the load in their destination.

All you have to do is drive without crashing the tractor down the hill. The game is simple to play, just follow the instructions and objectives provided in the game to clear a level. It will have arrows to drive forward and backward with a break on the right side of the screen.

You can also change the mode of controls from arrows, steering or by tilting your device to drive the tractor. It also allows changing the camera angle, but it is not useful in my opinion as it does not provide a good view.

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2. Modern Tractor Transport Driving Simulation

Modern Tractor Transport Driving Simulation - best truck games

This is a farm tractor driving simulator game where the objective is just like the above game. You will not only get to drive in a hilly area but also on pitched roads. Supply the farms product to the market or raw materials to the factories using your tractor driving skills.

Both of the games are almost the same, but with a few different features. In this game, you can select from 3 tractors that you like. Apart from that, the camera angles for this game are far better than the above one. In addition to this, you will also get a map on the screen to see where you have to go. This game is a little harder as you have to make sure that the load does not get off the tractors trolley or the game will end there.

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3. Tractor Hero

Tractor Hero

Another tractor game just like Go Tractor, but with good graphics and more challenges. Your job in the game is to collect different fruits and vegetables and transport them to their respective destinations in the given time. The goods you collected should not fall off the trolley or the mission will not complete.

You can select from multiple trucks and drivers in the game. To unlock new tractors you can buy them with the coins that you earn. Keep an eye on the achievements and finish them to earn some extra coins. The best part, it is available for both the platforms, Android and iOS.

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4. Tractor Drive 3D: Offroad Sim Farming Game

Tractor Drive 3D Offroad Sim Farming Game - Best tractor games

Get ready to plow farms and cultivate crops on your field with one of the best 3D tractor driving games. In this game, you play as a farmer and use your tractors for farming in your land. You have 4 tractors in your garage from which you can select. To unlock the tractors that are not available you can watch a video ad for free.

Moving ahead, you will have to complete each task in a given time or else you’ll have to start from the beginning. The controls for driving can be selected from arrows, tilt or steering wheel just like the above two games. The thing that I like about this game is that they have given a button to start or stop the engine of the tractor. The graphics and 3D quality are pretty good and smooth.

Tractor Drive 3D Offroad Sim Farming Game

In addition to that, you can also select the crop for which you want to do farming for. Unfortunately, you will need to buy the additional crops through in-app purchases. You have to attach various machines to the tractor to cultivate, plow the land, sow the seeds and harvest the crops. The equipment will be available as you keep finishing the levels.

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5. Chained Tractor Bus Simulator

Chained Tractor Bus Simulator

This is one of the best tractor games where you will have to transport the buses attached to the tractors to a given destination in a given time on an offroad driving. If the task is completed in the given time then you will get rewards as coins for your job. You can collect those coins to buy other tractors that are available in the game.

The graphics of the game are good and the controls response are smooth. The difficulty keeps increasing as you progress through the levels. You will face hurdles, steep mountain roads, and slopes in order to see how much you can control both your tractor and the bus chained to it. It also has different environments like sun, rain, and snow on the hilly roads to test your skill.

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6. Tractor Mania From Emerald Games

Emerald Games Tractor Mania app - free tractor games for Android

Dodge your tractor through different obstacles and vehicles passing by in the traffic with Tractor Mania. You have to collect as many stars as you can without getting smashed. The acceleration of the vehicle is automatic, you just have to control it by tilting your phone and moving the truck in the safe direction whenever a hurdle approaches.

This Android game seems like the new version of the Road fighter car game which we use to play on NES as kids. It also has a speed button to increase the speed of the tractor with a boost. It is a very simple game and easy to play and the kids will love it.

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7. Go Tractor!

Go Tractor

You might have heard of Hill Climbing game or even played it, this one is same as that game but with a tractor. In this game, you have to drive the tractor having a trolley and reach the finish line. The trolley will have different loads which you have to carry without dropping them off.

Reach the finish without dropping any load and in as much less time as you can to earn stars and unlock the next level. You will also get to unlock and choose from 5 different tractors as you keep progressing through the levels.

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8. Tractor Mania From Gametornado

Tractor Games for Android iOS -Tractor Mania - menu

No this is not the same Tractor mania mentioned above. This game is similar to Go Tractor and Tractor hero. You will have to drive your truck through different terrains and deliver the cargo to their destinations. The cargo attached to your vehicle will be of a different kind. Sometimes you will have another chained vehicle or a trolly attached to your tractor.

Tractor Mania - objects

You will get to play from a variety of levels with different terrains. As you finish a level, the next will unlock itself. Earn stars and buy other trucks with better speed, tires, and health to earn more.

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These tractor games are easy and entertaining for the kids, not only they will love to drive around those trucks in the game but will also keep themselves busy. You can also play these games and pass your futile time. Drive those trucks and show your farming skills to have a great harvesting.

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