7 Best Headspace Alternative Apps for Meditation

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Headspace, one of the popular app for meditation which teaches you how to meditate and overcome depression, stress, insomnia, and anxiety. But people look for alternatives to get features and various other ways to meditate. Are you also looking for an app that offers something more than Headspace? Like text guide, mantras, more minutes and tracks, more teachers or a completely free app for meditation. If this is the reason then the below list of Headspace alternative apps for Android and iOS will fulfill your needs.

Headspace Alternative Apps for Android and iPhone Users

1) Aware

best headspace alternatives -aware

Aware, an app available for Android and iOS platform to provide amazing audio courses and ambient sounds for meditation. It has a foundation course which is of 21 days. You cannot move to the next day before completing the first one. However, you can anytime listen to the ambient & energizers sounds which are very soothing. These audio courses will guide you step by step how to do the meditation, the posture, the breathing technique and others. You do not have to look at the phone, close your eyes, listen to the audio, it will tell you when to stop.

Once you complete the foundation course then only you will be able to unlock courses like stress, anxiety, depression, motivation, and others.

The best part of this app is it works even when the phone screen is off. So if you want to switch off the screen to save battery, you will still be able to listen to the courses and energizers.

Link: Aware for Android/Aware for iOS

2) Calm


Calm, another alternative of Headspace. The app is clean and rich in design. On opening the app, it will ask you to select your goal like reduce anxiety, improve focus and learn to meditate and many others. It offers around 29 programs for meditation out of which only one program is free and the rest you have to buy.

It offers three plans to unlock the programs. You can go for monthly, yearly or lifetime package. Initially, you can go with the monthly plan to try out locked content.

This app can also help you to remind for the meditation by setting the Mindfulness reminder. Also, if you want to download the content of the meditation to save data usage, connect to a WiFi. As compared to Aware, I noticed fewer instructions available for the user.

Link: Calm for Android/Calm for iOS

3) Insight Timer

apps like headspace - insight timer

Insight Timer is a very famous app for meditation available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. As soon as you register with this app, it will show you a total number of users meditating at that point of time. You can even find people meditating nearby your location.

Insight Timer app is smartly categorized to get the desired content easily. The app has a featured section where top 20, new and playlists sections will appear. Apart from this, you can search for the meditation content from the Explore section. If you liked a content and want to listen to it later then you can bookmark it. It will appear in the Bookmark tab section.

Once you complete your meditation, the app will list all the people from the world that meditated along with you. You can even send them a thanks message.

Link: Insight Timer for Android/Insight Timer for iOS

4) Simple Habit

simple habit

Simple habit, another app like headspace. Once you register yourself in the app and open it, you will find 3 tabs, On The Go, Series, and Teacher. In series tab, you can listen to the guides for meditation from various teachers which is usually of 5 or 10 minutes. Choose On The Go tab when you want to meditate according to situations like going to sleep, walking, taking a break and many others.

Similarly, if you want to listen to a particular teacher’s guides, then you can swipe to the Teachers tab, select the teacher and start listening to their guides.

The app offers 7 days free trial in which you can access some of the content. So pick up your iPhone or Android device and start exploring the app and improve productivity.

Link: Simple Habit for Android/Simple Habit for iOS

5) Meditate ॐ OM

om meditation

Meditate ॐ OM app is embedded with Hindu and Buddhist mantras to help you relax and meditate. The app does not require any login to use it. As soon as you open the app, you can start playing the mantras from the home screen itself. The first mantra which by default comes is Om Mantra. Om is considered to have great powers. By chanting the Om mantra you will beat the stress and overcome the depression. This will help you mentally and physically.

The app will show the subtitles of the mantras, you can hide and show the subtitles with a single tap. If you want to know about a particular mantra, tap on the info icon on the home screen. And to see the list of mantras and play any desired mantra, click on the hamburger/wrench icon at the top.

Link: Om Meditation

6) Spiritual Me

spiritual me

Spiritual Me, an app to help focus your mind. This app has a very elegant design and filled with animation effects. In this app, you need to choose your current mood and drag it to the center. You also need to type in the attribute which you want to overcome then accordingly the app will guide you.

This app is having text guides rather than audio guides, unlike Headspace. It will show you the instructions you have to follow step by step.

Link: Spiritual Me for Android/Spiritual Me for iOS

7) Breethe

headspace alternative apps for android and iphone -breethe

The app starts with an app intro video. You can skip this video to immediately start with the meditate series. On the home screen itself, the app will show you the recommended, most popular programs. Once you start the program, it will track your progress and show it on the home screen. It will show the total sessions, the time you have spent on meditation, total days and the longest streak.

You can even add a particular guide to favorites and watch them again directly from the favorite section. Also, the app will show the last played guide. So install this app to relax and meditate and start tracking your progress.

Link: Breethe for Android/Breethe for iOS

If you are looking for a totally free app with a lot of content then Insight Timer is a good option. However, Aware and Calm are considered as the best headspace alternative.


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