How To Change Telegram Phone Number Without Uninstalling App

How to change Telegram phone number

Do you want to change the Telegram phone number due to whatsoever reason? Telegram has more features than WhatsApp. So, if you didn’t make a Telegram account for chatting, there are chances that you might have used your random phone number to make one. With time, the app has introduced many features like self-destructing messages, … Read more

How To Hide Last Seen On Telegram

How to hide last seen on Telegram

In the past few years, Telegram has become very much popular across many countries in the world. There are good reasons for it. Many instant messaging apps lack the awesome features that Telegram has. Using the Telegram app you can join various Telegram channels and groups. Other than that you can also use Telegram on … Read more

6 Best Placeit Alternatives: Free Mockup Generator Online Tools

Placeit Alternatives

Are you into blogging or Website making? For these things, you need images that go best with the theme of your work. And obviously, it is not possible to click all the required images. There are many tools available that can be used as mockups to provide suitable theme or background to your images. Placeit is one of … Read more

PassMoz LabWin Review: Reset Windows Password In A Jiffy

PassMoz LabWin Recover Windows Password

Losing the password is one of the worst nightmares especially when it comes to your PC. There are very few methods or tools which can successfully restore your account once you forget your password. PassMoz LabWin is such software that promises to reset your Windows log-in password very easily. In this PassMoz LabWin review, we will see if … Read more

7 Best Slack Alternatives For Team Collaboration

slack alternatives

Slack is one of the most used communication platforms for professional purposes. Many big and small companies and their teams use slack to discuss, evaluate and track their progress on tasks. However, there are many reasons why people don’t choose Slack or need a replacement. You can only search and view last 10,000 messages on … Read more