7 Best Android Dialer Apps In 2018

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Dialing and calling is the function why phones started to exist. Then came the smartphones and hundreds of new functions in the phones followed. Now people are concerned about every function in their phones, except the dialer. But you know that you don’t have to carry on with that dull Android dialer, that’s why you are here. There are many amazing Android dialer replacements available on Google Play Store. But as always, we have selected few best ones for you. So, here is the list of some best Android dialer apps for Android in 2018.

Free Contacts & Dialer Apps  For Android

1. drupe

drupe - Best Android dialer apps

If we see the reviews, ratings and number of downloads on Google Play Store, drupe is the best dialer and contacts app for your Android phone. It has a nice transparent interface. Once installed, you can access it by swiping the four visible dots on your home screen. In the app, you can perform various tasks just by swiping the contact name to many dedicated function keys including calling,  WhatsApp, email etc.

You can set profile pictures for your contacts and set different ringtones for different contacts too. drupe maintains four types of lists — contacts, frequently contacted, last called and business contacts for your local area.

I really liked the last one i.e business contacts. Numbers of all the restaurants, gas station, atm, airport, bakery, beauty salon, car repair and more than 70 types of business contacts are available on your phone by accessing your location. drupe also has an inbuilt call recorder.

Download drupe from Play Store

2. True Phone

True Phone - Best Dialer App For Android

More than 5 million people are using True Phone dialer and contacts app and still, it has currently 4.6 ratings on Play store. This is one of the best Android Dialer Apps which is very customizable. The app is simple and starts as soon as you download without any formality of registration and much permissions. You will get three icons on your home screen i.e Phone, Contacts and Favourites.

The dialer opens in the app only with last calls list in the background. You can select the list from the dialer like incoming, outgoing or missed calls. When you open a contact, you can see the shortcuts to WhatsApp and Telegram and other platforms that your friend is using.

Get True Phone from Play Store


Truecaller - best android dialer 2018

True Caller is famous and almost every third Android user has Truecaller. But only a few people know that it can also be used as a free Android dialer app. If you don’t know, Truecaller is an unknown number detector app that flashes a name on the screen when an unknown number calls you.

It has a good dialer and when you open it, it has other shortcuts as well. You can access your text messages and contacts with just one tap. The frequently contacted as well as the recently contacted will appear in the background on a single screen.

Get True Caller from Play Store

4. Simpler

Simpler - dialer app android download

Sign in with your Google or Facebook account and use this useful Android dialer replacement app. This app works nicely without lagging just like any default Android app. There are three sections in the app as Favorites, Recents, and Contacts. You can totally customize the app by setting different themes, styles, startup screen, click action etc. This app can also identify the unknown numbers for you.

Get Simpler from Play Store

5. ExDialer

ExDialer & Contacts -smallest free android dialer app

ExDialer is one of the smallest apps among Dialer apps with APK size of just 1.5 MB. This app is only helpful if your stock Android dialer is not working properly for any reason as this app is way simple. You can open it from its ‘dialer’ icon on your home screen. When you open it, there is also ‘contacts’ shortcut on the bottom left of the dialer. You can also see the list of recently called contacts above the dialer.

Get ExDialer from Play Store

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6. OS9 Phone Dialer

OS9 Phone Dialer - ios dialer for android

If you are searching a good iOS dialer for Android phone, your search ends here. This is one of the most rated free iOS dialer available on Play Store. The dialer is attractive with big dial pad without any confusing buttons all over the screen like other apps.

All the 5 important features i.e Favorite, Recent, Contacts, Keypad and Settings are at the bottom with names. There is an option to speed dial apps that work when you long press on any contact. You will see a shortcut to send a message on various apps like WhatsApp, Hike, Skype etc. or default messaging app.

Get OS9 Phone Dialer on Play Store

7. RocketDial

RocketDial - best android dialer app

This list of Best Dialer Apps for Android can’t be completed without this RocketDial. RocketDial is one of the oldest apps that can be used in the place of default Android dialer. The dialer will make you remember your oldest Android phone but not because of the performance, but looks.

It has the option to select your numbers from particular sources like Gmail, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. You can also sort your contacts by alphabet or call frequency. The best thing I liked about the app is that it allows you to make notes. So, if someone tells you anything over the phone, you can note it immediately. Also, you can see the complete call history with a contact with just one tap.

Get RocketDial from Play Store

Best Android Dialer Apps

I think the Dialer apps should offer some related things apart from seeing the contacts and making the call. drupe Android dialer is very impressive as it has some additional features like built-in call recorder, ID tracker and other things mentioned in the list. It looks cool too and its paid version without ads and other features is not that costly.

Now you know that your default Android dialer lacks so many features. Play Store has almost unlimited options for you but most of the apps do not work smoothly as we tried more than the apps on this list. So these were the best Android dialer apps that will definitely change your calling experience. If you used any other awesome app in the past that should be here, let us know in the comments.

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