How To Use Android Phone As Speaker For PC/Computer

I am using my Android phone as a speaker for my Windows laptop as my laptop’s internal speakers are not working. There can be other reasons to use your phone’s speaker for listening music or videos played on the PC. Sometimes the audio jack of the laptop also stops working, then you can turn the phone into a speaker so that you can stream audio from PC to your Android phone. You can also take your phone little far from the computer and also if your phone’s speaker is louder, then you can use Android phone as speaker for PC. Here’s how you can do so.

Use Android Phone As Speaker For PC

1. Download and install the free SoundWire app from Google Play Store.

2. Next, download the free SoundWire Server from this link on your PC. You need to unzip the downloaded setup and then install it.

3. Make sure both the devices are connected to a common Wi-Fi network. You can also use your phone’s hotspot for this task. You can enable hotspot either from the notification tray or by going to Settings > Personal Hotspot.

Note: The steps to find Personal Hotspot may vary depending on the make of your Android phone.

4. Open the SoundWire app on your phone and the SoundWire Server app on your laptop.

1. Use Phone As Speaker For LaptopPC - SoundWire app

5. My devices connected automatically as soon as I opened both the app. If it is not the case with yours than copy the server address from the app on PC and enter it on your phone and tap on the SoundWire icon.

Use Android phone as speaker for PC or computer

Play a beautiful song on your PC and enjoy.

3 - make your phone a speaker for your PC - SoundWire App Android

So, this way you can make your phone a PC speaker over the same Wi-Fi network. I am currently using this for the last one month. Listening to music this way is a good experience but when it comes to video, the audio does not sync with the movie playing on my laptop. The audio is a bit too late i.e almost a second and that irritates a little especially when you are watching something with subtitles.

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But all in all, this process is surely useful for listening songs and in case of an emergency. You can share this article with someone else who needs this and ask us in the comments if you are facing any issue.

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