How To Use Sleep Timer Android

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Have you ever fallen asleep with music playing and woken up to a dead phone? Falling asleep to music is great, but it’s even better when the music stops after a certain point, saving your battery life. That’s what a sleep timer does. 

If you’re not familiar with this, don’t worry. I’ve gone ahead and put together a quick and easy guide to help you use one on your Android devices.

Sleep Timer On Android Phone

A sleep timer is essentially a countdown timer that automatically pauses your music when the countdown is finished. You can use a third-party app sleep timer, as well as a sleep timer option in streaming apps too.

While many Android devices have a music sleep timer for their native music players, not all do. In addition to this, many people now use streaming apps such as Spotify, Tidal, or YouTube Music instead of their phone’s native music player apps. 

Therefore for this tutorial, I’ll be demonstrating how to use the Spotify sleep timer feature, as well as how to use a third-party app for your Android device. 

Sleep Timer For Spotify

Like most people nowadays, I use Spotify to listen to music. It’s one of the most popular music streaming apps on the market with both free and premium versions. 

While there are other great streaming apps on the market for Android, Spotify is the go-to for many Android users and even some iPhone users. 

Here’s how to set a countdown timer for Spotify::

  1. Open the Spotify app on your Android device and select a song to play. 
Opening the Spotify app in an Android device
  1. While the song is playing, tap on the three vertical dots on the play page.
Tapping the three vertical dots on the play page
  1. In the popup menu that appears, scroll down the list and tap sleep timer option when you see it. 
Sleep timer option
  1. There you’ll see a list of times to set for when Spotify should stop playing music. It ranges from 5 minutes to an hour. There’s also an option to stop the music at the end of the track. Select the option that you want to set. I chose 15 minutes.
15 minutes sleep timer
  1. There you have it, your timer is set.
Timer is being set notification

Here’s a video demonstration of how to set sleep timer on Spotify:

YouTube player

The Sleep Timer App

As mentioned before, third-party apps also work as great music sleep timers for Android devices. There are a number of highly rated apps available on the Play Store but for this tutorial, I decided to go with the Sleep Timer (Music & Screen Off) app. 

It’s available for free on the Google Play Store. There are other great free apps on there too, such as some great Android alarm apps that you can use instead of your phone’s native alarm app.

The free version comes with ads, though they don’t disrupt your experience. You can remove the ads for a one-time payment of $1.98.

Besides turning off your music and sound playbacks, this app can also disable your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi too

Here’s how to use it:

  1.  Download Sleep Timer (Music & Screen Off) from the Play Store. 
Sleep Timer app in Google Playstore
  1. Open the app and tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the screen. 
Tapping the three vertical dots on the right upper corner of the screen
  1. From the popup menu, tap Settings
Tapping the Settings button in the pop up menu
  1. Here, you can adjust what’s disabled when the timer expires. As you can see, I enabled it to turn the music off, as well as disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Once you’ve selected your desired settings, tap the back arrow. 
Turning the music off as well as disabling bluetooth and wifi
  1. Adjust the dial to set the countdown by increasing or decreasing the number of minutes for the countdown. 

There are no time intervals and no limits, meaning you can choose between 0 minutes to 1000 minutes or more. I chose 10 minutes.

No time intervals and no limits
  1. Once you’ve set your timer, tap the play button and you’re good to go.
Tapping the play button


Is there a sleep timer on Android?

There is a sleep timer on Android. Some Android devices have them built into native music players. You can also download one from the Google Play Store. Music streaming apps such as Spotify also has a music sleep timer to stop your music when you fall asleep

What is Android bedtime mode?

Android bedtime mode allows you to restrict data usage during certain time periods. This aids you in controlling your usage during the times when you’re less likely to be using your device. Bedtime mode should not be confused with do not disturb as they aren’t the same. 

How do I make my phone turn off at a certain time?

You can make your phone turn off at a certain time by using the Android auto shutdown feature. To use this feature, open Settings > System Settings > Schedule power on/off. You can then select the time for your phone to automatically turn off as well as turn itself back on. 

Sleep Timer Android – Wrapping Up

What’d you think of this article?

A sleep timer is a simple yet useful tool to help you control when your phone stops playing music. This way you can fall asleep without worrying about waking up to a dead phone. A music sleep timer is great, whether it’s built into a native app or it’s a third-party app you download. 

Sleep timers are great for preserving battery life when you’re asleep, but I also know that using your devices before bed can sometimes affect falling asleep. This is due to the blue light from our devices. 

To help with this, I recommend you use a night mode app for Android. It’ll remove the blue light from your devices and make falling asleep easier.  
Be sure to leave any questions you may have in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends, family, and followers.

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Hovering continuously over many social networks, he has recently landed on creating contents about them. He loves to trek, swim, cook, read and mostly eat and sleep.

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