Android Sleep Time: Stop Music And Other Media Automatically

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It was a tiring day and now you just want to sleep to some music. Or maybe you played your favorite jukebox on YouTube and you want it to stop playing after some time. Not all Android devices have an inbuilt sleep timer for music players. Even if they do, that doesn’t work with all the apps. So, here we’ll tell you how you can get or activate music sleep timer on your Android phone for free. This will help you to automatically stop music on Android.

If you are an iOS user then follow our guide for iPhone/iPad to stop audio automatically.

Music Sleep Timer On Android

The inbuilt Sleep timer can be found in music players of most Android devices.

I am currently using Redmi Note 5 pro but other phones must have little or no difference in setting the timer. I’ll explain it in pretty easy steps :

  • Open Music Player on your phone.
  • Go to Settings.activate music sleep timer - Android
  • Now tap on Advanced Settings.
  • Toggle the Sleep Timer switch to ON. After that, it will show you the option to set the timer.How to set music sleep timer Android
  • You can set the timer as per your convenience. On my phone, I have the sleep timer limit of up to 90 minutes.

Now, when the timer you set above expires, the music will stop automatically.

If your music player doesn’t have the Sleep Timer or you want to automatically stop videos & audios from apps other than music player then you can follow the method below.

Automatically Stop Music On Android – Music Player, YouTube, Netflix And More

The battery of your device suffers the most when you go to sleep while listening some music or watching a video. Here is how you can install a very useful app and use it for all the apps on which you watch or listen to something.

  • Install this app Sleep Timer (Turn Music Off) from Play Store on your Android phone. It is a highly rated best Android app for sleep timer.
  • Just set the timer present on the home screen by sliding the yellow dot. There is no limit for setting the timer. It starts from zero and goes on.Automatically stop music on Android - Android App
  • After setting the timer just tap on Start.

This app doesn’t just stop your music player, it also stops YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Audible , Spotify, SoundCloud and many more apps from playing forever.

Apart from music, you can also choose other functions you would like the app to perform after the timer expires. Like you can choose to turn off the Wi-fi, turn off Bluetooth, put the phone in silent mode etc.

Actions to perform on sleep - Sleep timer app for Android

I hope this article helped you to set up music sleep timer and automatically stop music on Android. If you have any questions regarding this or you use any other interesting app, let us know in the comments.

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