10 Best Google Play Store Alternative Apps

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Google Play store is by far the most successful application market in the Android world. It not only facilitates the installation of Android apps, but also is a tool to keep you updated. However, there are situations when Google play store does not allow installation of some of the major apps.

There could be any reason behind that (in most of the cases there is a country/region issue). Failing to install applications was really frustrating unless certain alternatives to the Google play store showed up.

Yes, these 10 Google Play Store alternative not only provide a choice of reference but also allow installation of all those insane apps which you somehow fail to install through the Google play store.

How do these Alternative App Stores work?

In terms of the user base and popularity, Android has been excelling other operating systems by a large ratio. So there is always a rush to install trending apps which Google play store sometimes doesn’t provide access to. You just have to install this alternative app store on your Android phone (or can switch to their official websites) and that’s it.

You can thereafter install the apps you want.

10 Best Google Play Store Alternative Apps

1) Amazon App Store

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This is one of the top Android app store alternatives that have succeeded in attracting a lot of Google play store’s crowd to its own world.

The interface is not just catchy, but is also easy to use and understand. The apps here are organized into categories like as in top paid, top grossing, games and other sections. You can install these apps by clicking them and tapping the Install button.

2) GetJar

play store alternative - getjar

This is one of the oldest app stores ever existed which has contributed a lot for the Symbian devices and now, has been ruling the Android world. You can simply download the official GetJar application from its web interface or can simply install the apps you want from the web only (without installing GetJar). This is easy, relatable and organized (into categories) so that the user gets the thing he wants. However, it deals with apps which are sometimes not up to the date.

3) Mobile9

google play store alternatives - mobile 9

This store in the current time has an active user base in millions. This is actually a marketplace where small app developers can show their talents by freely publishing their applications (unlike Google Play Store). From here, you can also install certain paid apps for free. The interface all-in-all is simpler and is categorized into sections and subsections. You can simply search and install the app you want.

4) F-Droid

alternative android market - fdroid

Next in the list of 10 best Google Play Store alternative is F-Droid. You’ll find that almost all the apps displayed here are free and guarantee no tracking, no ads and no dependencies upon installation. You can simply install this store on your device to get more advanced interface where everything is organized and categorized. It is basically a catalogue of FOSS (free and open source android platform) apps for the Android world.

5) Mobogenie Market

alternative app store - mobogenie

Mobogenie is also a great alternative Android market that has accommodated a huge user base for its interests. It works like a recommendation engine and provide suggestions regarding app installations from time to time. Besides apps, it also allows downloading YouTube videos, ringtones, books and wallpapers which other stores fail to provide. Besides acting like a File manager, it also serves as a PC Client so that you can easily transfer files between devices.

6) Samsung galaxy App Store

android app store - samsung

This app is famous for its content and services that are solely designed for the Samsung users, but now any Android user can use this. It displays apps in categories like games, top-paid, top-free and other sections. You can install apps directly from its site or can also use its official app after a proper sign-up. It also provides intelligent recommendations to its users with a facility to leave a review for any app.

7) Slide ME

google play store alternatives - slideme

This store is one of the most reliable app as Google Play alternative store stores which million of Android users trust and use even today. It provides multiple payment options like PayPal, Debit card, Credit card, etc. for owing different paid apps. Like other app stores, it provides a 24×7 customer support and intelligently recommends apps to its users.

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8) AppBrain

alternative android market - appbrain

If you are looking for stores that offer paid apps for free, AppBrain is the perfect place for you. It has both, an app as well as its website to share applications with its users. Simply register there and you can access all its apps for installation.

9) Aptoide

play store alternatives - aptoide

Aptoide is another alternative Android market. This offers more probability of finding a paid app for free as compared to the AppBrain. This is the reason for why it circulates more among the Google play store’s users. The interface is almost similar in functionality like we have in the play store (Google’s). It automatically scans all the installed apps and provides an update if any app is outdated.

10) ApkMirror

android app store alternative - apkmirror

This is known for its insane web interface where you’ll find almost all the applications that exist in this universe. It displays updates so fast that even Google play store sometimes fails to satisfy their customers in this aspect. However, there is no official app launched for this store. Searching and downloading apps from here is easy.

The above listed 10 Google Play Store alternative apps are the best. If you know any other Android App store alternative then do share with us via comments.

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Akshay Thapliyal is the co-founder of TechUntold and mainly looks into strategic planning at TechUntold. He also loves writing articles on apps & problems he faces related to tech. Follow him on Twitter.

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