How To Hide Last Seen On Telegram

In the past 1 year, Telegram has become very much popular across many countries in the world. There are good reasons behind it and we have already posted an article where we compared Telegram to WhatsApp. Many instant messaging apps lack the awesome features that Telegram has. I am really fond of some Telegram channels and groups. I also use Telegram on my PC to directly download large files to my computer. If you use Telegram too often and don’t want to let others know about it, this tutorial is for you. Here, we are mentioning some very easy steps to disable/hide last seen on Telegram from your¬†Android or iPhone/iPad.

Steps To Hide Last Seen On Telegram From Phone

1. Open Telegram app and tap on the menu icon at the top left.

How to disable last seen on telegram

2. Then, Go to ‘Settings‘ at the bottom.

disable last seen on Telegram

3. In the ‘Settings’ tab, select Privacy and Security.

hide last seen telegram

4. There you will see that your ‘Last Seen‘ is set as ‘Everybody‘ by default. Tap on any of them.

Telegram last seen

5. Now, tap on ‘Nobody‘ to disable your last seen status.

How to Hide Last Seen On Telegram

Your task is done. I would like to tell you that Telegram has this unique feature that whatever settings you choose for the ‘Last Seen’ you can add exceptions to it. On the same page, Tap on ‘Add users’ and select friends that you want to share the last seen status even when the setting is ‘Nobody’.

If you want to hide the last seen from specific persons, tap on ‘Everybody’ at the top and then select the exceptions by tapping on ‘Add users’. Please remember that, when you hide last seen on Telegram, instead of time, it shows recently (when used within three days), within a week(after 3 days), and within a month(after a week).

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I hope this article helped you in solving your query. We have tried to cover almost all aspects of Telegram in our past articles. You can discover them at following link. In case you face other issues, let us know in the comments.


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