7 Best Yoga Apps For Android And iOS

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People around the world are realizing the benefits of Yoga. Practicing meditation and yoga are the only methods which take minimum efforts with optimum results for both mental and physical health. But not everyone has the time or can afford to go to a Yoga Class. If you really want to improve your health and well being, you can find a yoga teacher in your pocket. There are many apps on Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store that can get you started with yoga for free. We have made a list of best yoga apps for beginners as well as experts that are available for free.

Free Best Yoga Apps In 2018

1. Down Dog

Down Dog - best yoga app 2018

Down Dog is a great thing that happened to yoga enthusiasts who want yoga lessons from a teacher but without the teacher. All the lessons on this app are played with amazing videos to guide you completely. With more than 500,000 users, Down dog has 4.9 stars rating on both the platforms. No matter if you are just introduced to yoga or doing it for a long time, you can use it. Offline downloading of the lessons is the best thing I liked about the app.

Before starting, you can choose from options like Short practice, Full practice, Quick flow, Restorative or Intro to Yoga. Then there are different levels to choose like Beginner 1, 2, Intermediate 1, 2, and Advanced. Depending on your time there are different exercises from 10, 12 minutes up to 40 minutes.

Apart from all these, you can cust0mize the playlist, the pace of the lessons and instructions in the paid version. In the boost section, there are options for improvement in the particular areas like Flexibility, Twists, Hamstring opening etc. The free version also does not contain ads.

Download Down Dog for Android/iOS

2. 7pranayama

7pranayama - Best free yoga apps

7pranayama does not have only pranayama lessons but also very useful and common yoga poses (yogasana), described with GIF and written instructions. Almost everyone who does yoga also does pranayama and not everyone knows the correct methods. Here, all the postures of sitting required to do pranayama, steps, benefits, precautions etc. are mentioned very clearly.

You can customize the timings of inhaling, exhaling, holds, and set the number of rounds. When you start, the app will tell inhale, hold, and exhale. The ‘Habits’ section of the app has good suggestions for thyroid, Insomnia, Diabetes, migraine etc. They have explained the disorder and what pranayama and yogasana you need to cure them. In this section only, there is the option to set a reminder for water intake at many intervals.

Download 7pranayama for Android/iOS

3. Yoga Tools From Sadhguru

Yoga tools from Sadhguru - best yoga apps iOS

This is one of the best Yoga apps by Indian saint Sadhguru. It is also the most simple app in this list. Yoga tools from Sadhguru basically feature 7 types of yoga in 7 different videos. The exercises are for health, success, overall well being, peace, joy, inner exploration, and love. These yoga exercises are called as Upa-Yoga by Sadhguru who tells the benefit of all the exercises at the beginning of the videos.

The videos are uploaded on YouTube Channel of Isha Foundation in the backend. The yoga exercises are very simple yet very effective. In all the videos, there are people doing the steps and you can hear the clear instructions in the background. The other small section of the app contains benefits of Upa-Yoga and practice guidelines.

Download Yoga tools from Sadhguru app for Android/iOS

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4. Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga - best yoga app for beginners

Daily Yoga is one of the most used and best yoga apps on Android as well as iOS. There are many yoga classes available on this app in videos and audios format made by yoga professionals. They are from beginner to advanced level that can also serve individual purposes like weight loss, shaping body, stress relief, better sleep etc. The exercises are downloaded and then played to stream without any disturbance. When you start any course, you can see the schedule in the inbuilt calendar and also set the daily reminder.

In the audio section, there are lessons and tips for meditation, happiness, healthy lifestyle etc. You will also find some refreshing music for doing meditation, yoga and for focusing. Experts and even normal people can post articles on yoga topics and post them. You can benefit a lot from them too. On the homepage, the app shows your progress with exercise data but that is the feature of the paid version. You can also link your Google Fit account to sync the details of your fitness.

Download Daily Yoga for Android/iOS

5. Yoga For Weight Loss

best Yoga app for weight loss

This is the best yoga app for weight loss. By following the given programs and exercises on this app, you will definitely lose fat. There are currently 3 programs on the app — Get in shape, 7-minute yoga, and Dream shapes. The last one is for premium version though. The difficulty level of programs and exercises are explained along with time length and calories burn count.

All the exercises in the programs are well defined with pictures, GIF and notes. The exercises can also be explored separately in the ‘Exercises’ section and if you don’t have much time, you can skip the program and do some exercises. Or you can also choose your favorite exercise and make a program of your own. Your progress will be tracked and displayed in the ‘Statistics’ section.

Download Yoga for weight loss for Android

6. Track Yoga

Track Yoga - Best free yoga app

Track yoga has a good set of yoga exercises and programs. The exercises are designed for different purposes like stress relief, mind refreshment, cold & flu relief, pre-run, post-run etc. Every exercise is explained with the help of real video and instructions. In the ‘Poses’ section, hundreds of yoga poses are well explained with a picture and step by step instructions, their benefits, and cautions. The app has a good interface without any ads but most of the classes and programs are paid.

Download Track Yoga for Android/iOS

7. Yoga Daily Fitness

Yoga daily fitness - Top yoga app

A simple and easy app for anyone who wants to begin practicing yoga. The programs are made to deal with problems like lack of sleep, back pain, stress, etc. and gain fitness, balance, and strength. The exercises and the poses in the programs are well chosen and well explained with a picture and instructions. For all the exercises there is a timer to keep the practice accurate.

The yoga tips on the app are not just related to yoga but also are great life tips. The 30-day yoga program has the link to amazing lessons by famous yoga YouTuber Adriene. You can set multiple reminders on the app for your yoga time.

Download Yoga daily fitness for Android

Yoga has always been there but you were not. It’s never too late to start something. Make a promise to yourself, grab a mat and get started. These were the best apps for yoga that will surely help you in balancing your life along with weight, mental tensions, and hormones. If you have a feedback for any of these apps, let us know in the comments.

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