Spigen Neo Hybrid Case For Galaxy S8 Review: Best Protection Your Phone Can Get

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Even though S8 is an almost a year old smartphone but it still is one of the best Flagships phone packed with great features.

If you have purchased it recently or own one for some time now then it’s time to get some protection for it. Spending around $500 for a smartphone demands extra carefulness while handling it.

But even if you are cautious stuff happens and you might end up dropping it or getting scratches on the glass body. To take precautions for such mishappenings it is but obvious to get a phone case.

There are a lot of covers out there to choose from but in this article, we review one of the best – Spigen Neo Hybrid case.

1. Design

Spigen Neo Hybrid has two parts – one is the body and an added bumper for extra protection.

Dual layer structure Spigen Case

The body of the case is made of TPU which is a hybrid material and the bumper uses the PC material. So it is a TPU+PC case.

Now, don’t get me wrong when I say that it is a dual case. You won’t feel the case being in 2 pieces at any point in time while using or even when you are taking off or putting the cover on. The two parts are well attached and provide for maximum protection.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for Galaxy S8 Review

Spigen Neo Hybrid for Galaxy S8 back

If you wish you can remove the PC bumper and use the case without it as well. But if you want good drop protection then it is something I would advise against.

2. Style

Cases can spoil the look of an expensive phone and that’s one of the major reasons most of the people hesitate in getting a cover. Well, I understand that feeling and Neo Hybrid case won’t let you down here.

In fact, I was surprised by the fact that it did not add much bulk to the phone. It feels good while holding the phone when the cover is on because of its slim design.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case Slim Design

3. Hold, Cutouts & Buttons

Galaxy S8 has glass on either side and it can be slippery while holding. This case provides for a firm grip because of the rugged back. This case will make slipping of phone out of your hands a thing of past.

Spigen Neo Hybrid phone case perfect grip

The cutouts for the rear-facing camera, microphone, speaker, headphone jack and charging are perfect. The volume and lock buttons are really good and easy to press.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

4. Colors & Pricing

When it comes to colors you get plenty of options. You can choose from Burgundy, Gunmetal, Niagara Blue, Blue Coral, Violet, Arctic Silver, Shiny Black and Pale Dogwood.

Now, let us look at the pros and cons, shall we?


  • Drop Protection
  • Screen/Display Protection – The screen is totally safe with this case as there is a good gap between the phone and the surface if you put the phone on the surface with the screen facing the surface.Spigen Neo Hybrid for Galaxy S8 - Screen Protection
  • Firm Grip
  • Stylish Slim Design


The only thing I observed so far which is not so good is that the prints from inside of the cover get on the glass back of the phone. But this is definitely not a deal breaker.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Inside of the cover

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case For Galaxy S8 Review: Protection Without Compromising On Looks

Yes, that’s the bottom line. You get maximum protection for your phone without compromising the looks of this Flagship smartphone.

You can go grab it now and use your Galaxy S8 carefree.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Designed for Samsung Galaxy S8 Case (2017) - Gunmetal
  • Slim, dual-layer structure features a TPU body and polycarbonate bumper frame
  • Precise cutouts for quick access and raised lips to protect screen and camera

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Spigen Neo Hybrid Case For Galaxy S8 Review


Value for Money




Ease of use



  • Drop protection
  • Screen/display protection
  • Firm grip
  • Stylish slim design


  • Prints from inside of the cover get on the phone back
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