How To Tell If Someone Is Using Your Instagram Account And How To Secure It

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The other day I received a query from one of the Instagrammers that the messages they sent to someone were removed from the conversation.

You can always unsend your own messages but they cannot be removed by the other person.

So unless you delete your own messages, there is no reason why they should disappear from the conversation. One of the reasons why it may happen is if someone else has logged into your account, accessed your messages, and deleted them.

In this article, I have listed down a few way you can consider to understand if someone is using your Instagram account. And if someone else is really using it, I also outlined actions you can take to secure your account.

Find Out If Someone Is Using Your Instagram Account

1. Check Following

Go to your profile and tap on following. Look for people, accounts or even hashtags that you never followed. If you see unrecognized accounts then there is something fishy.

Check Following On Instagram

2. Check Search History

Tap on the search icon to go to the Explore page and then tap on the search bar at the top. This will show search history which is categorized into two sections – Suggested and Recent. Have a closer look at Recent and look for accounts that you never searched for.

Know if someone is using your Instagram account

But don’t forget about the possibility of the person clearing the search history.

3. Check Liked Photos & Videos

It might be possible that the person who logged into your account might have intentionally or accidentally liked posts. You can check your liked photos & videos using these steps. In case you observe unusual activity and see posts that you never liked then these are bad signs.

How to tell if someone is using your Instagram account

4. Look At Your Profile And Notifications

Visit your profile and see if there is an unidentified upload or change in the bio that you never did. Also, have a look at your notifications and check if the notifications you’re getting are from known followers and posts that you actually engaged with. If not then you should know that your account is compromised.

Check notifications to find out if someone accessed your Instagram account

In case you observe anything out of the blue then you should go ahead and secure your account.

How To Secure Your Instagram Account

To prevent your account from being hacked or accessed by someone else, take these security actions right away.

1. Activate Two-Step Verification

Turn On two-factor authentication – the steps are mentioned in this guide. Once you do that, whenever someone tries to log into your account they will also require a verification code that is sent to your phone number.

2. Block Access To Third Party Apps

You might have given access to plenty of third party apps for various reasons. Well, it is time to revoke access and block these apps from accessing your account as they have permissions to like, comment and do other activities in your account.

3. Disable Log In With Facebook

If you log in using Facebook to your Instagram then this needs to change. You can disable Log in via Facebook so that even if someone is successful in accessing your Facebook account they still cannot log into your Facebook account.

4. Change And Set A Strong Password

Last and the most important, reset your password and set a stronger one. You can do so even if you are logged in via Facebook; here’s how.

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We hope that you were able to tell if someone is using your Instagram account. Also, if you found out that your account is compromised then don’t forget to take the actions listed above to secure it.

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