How To Use Instagram Direct On PC or Mac: Use These Three Ways

How to use Instagram Direct on PC

Have you ever thought to use or send Instagram Direct message from the computer? Well, if that is your requirement then I have a few solutions for you in this article. This tutorial will share how to use Instagram Direct on PC or Mac. If you are looking to send Instagram direct messages from the browser … Read more

2 Ways To Set Up Auto Messages On Instagram

Set up an Instagram auto reply by going to your Instagram profile and tapping the hamburger icon. Next, tap Settings and select Creator. In the next menu, tap Frequently asked questions. Add your question and your answer. You can add up to four FAQs to your Instagram profile. Have you ever wondered how to set … Read more

How To Untag Yourself On Instagram In 4 Ways

Untag Yourself from Instagram Photos

Here’s how to remove a tag on Instagram – head to the tagged posts section on your profile, then select the post you want to untag. Next, tap the three dots in the post’s top-right corner and select Tag options. Tap Remove Me from Post to untag yourself. Have you ever been tagged in a … Read more

Instagram Push Notifications, Here’s How To Turn On/Off Alerts

How to turn on/off Instagram Push Notifications

This Instagram tutorial will comprehensively cover everything about Instagram notifications. Here’s a list of things you’ll find here. How to turn on or off notifications on Instagram? Steps to turn off Instagram Live Video notifications. How to stop first post and story notifications? How to mute Instagram Direct chats notifications for all conversations as well as … Read more

If You Block Someone On Instagram, Will They Know?

If You Block Someone On Instagram, Will They Know?

When you block an account on Instagram, they won’t know because a blocked account is not notified when you block them. They’ll only be able to tell you’ve blocked them when they realize they cannot interact with your account anymore via tags, mentions, or messages or search for your account. Have you blocked someone on … Read more

How To Clear Instagram Search Suggestions In 5 Ways

How To Clear Instagram Search Suggestions In 5 Ways

Here’s how to delete Instagram search suggestions – open the Instagram app on your phone and go to the search tab. Tap the search bar at the top then tap See All when you see the search suggestions. Next, tap clear all to delete all of the search suggestions. Have you ever searched for something … Read more

Here’s How To Have Multiple Instagram Accounts On Phone

Here’s How To Have Multiple Instagram Accounts On Phone

If you want to use multiple Instagram accounts on your phone, you must add multiple accounts from the settings. Log in to your account. Go to the profile page. Tap the 3-line symbol, settings, and scroll down. Create a second Instagram account. Switch between accounts to manage them. I have a personal and an influencer … Read more

How To Revoke And Block Third-Party Instagram App Access

Is your Instagram Account posting unauthorized content? Do you see photos that you never shared or comments which you never posted but are shown in your account? Or maybe you follow accounts that you never intended to follow? If that’s what you are facing right now then it’s time to secure your Instagram account. Follow … Read more