How to Make Android Phone Speak Caller Name or Number

How great it would be when your Android phone starts announcing the name of the person calling you. Yes, this can be achieved through the app available on Google Play Store, thanks to the developers. Below I have mentioned one of the apps using which you can make Android phone speak caller name or number.

As you are looking for the speak caller name app then “Caller Name Talker” can help you out. You need to make few settings before your phone starts speaking the incoming caller’s name. Follow the below-mentioned steps to make the necessary settings.

Make Android Phone Speak Caller Name or Number

iOS Users: The iPhone users need to make internal settings to announce caller name without installing any third party app.

Android User: The Android users can achieve it using the third party app.

1) Install Caller Name Talker App from Google Play Store.

2) Open the app and enable “Lower ringtone volume” option, this will let you hear the calling person name clearly.

make android phone speak caller name and number

3) Next, tap on the “Customize volume settings” and then tap on “Talker Volume”, make the volume to 100%.

make your android phone speak caller name and number

4) Now open “Call Alert Settings” and set the time in seconds for “Initial Time Delay”, “Repeat Count” and “Alert Repeat Time Interval” according to your needs.

speak caller name app

Marshmallow+ Users: People using Android Marshmallow and above need to make an extra setting in order to make the app to work.
Open phone Settings-> Accessibility and turn on the option for “Caller Name Talker” app.

make your android phone announce caller name and number - settings

Now you can check, your Android phone will announce whenever you will get the call from someone.

The best part of this app is you can use any desired ringtone also, as it speaks out the name of the calling person without stopping the ringtone set by the user.

However many apps are available on Google Play Store to announce the name of the person who is calling. Do share if you have experience with other apps.


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