7 Best Photo Recovery Apps For Android Phones Without Rooting

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Even though our phones are smart enough to protect and keep our data and files secure but sometimes it always doesn’t work. Data can be deleted during restoring or can be lost during upgrading firmware. I am not saying that it’s complete system’s fault. Even we can be responsible for this kind of mishappen. Maybe you intentionally deleted your photos or erased all of your data by formatting the storage and memory.

But there is always a workaround available on the internet. Read this full article to check out the best photo recovery apps to retrieve your lost pictures on the Android phones without rooting.

Best Photo Recovery Apps for Non-Rooted Android Phones

1. DiskDigger

DiskDigger- Best photo recovery apps for android phone without rooting

DiskDigger does not need rooted Android phones in order to recover deleted photos. It can recover deleted photos from the internal memory as well as external memory. And if you want to recover other files as well then the developers have also provided DiskDigger Pro app for that particular purpose.

To recover photos, the user only needs to tap on the Start Basic Photo Scan button after opening the app. It will automatically scan all the photos which were deleted or lost, by searching for cache and thumbnails. Scanning time depends on the storage space and the number of photos. And yes, some advanced features are there for Rooted devices as well. But it won’t be necessary for recovering photos from this app.

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2. Recover Deleted All Files, Photos, And Videos

Recover Deleted All Files, Photos, And Videos

This data retrieval app can recover photos, videos, and other files as well. But let us only focus on photos recovery here. It does not require rooting your phone for recovering data.

The interface is as simple as it can be. Although the app has a weird background image maybe that’s just my opinion. First, it asks whether you want to recover files or videos or photos, select photos checkbox and proceed further. Then you can choose the time period of the file which you are looking for. And in the last step, you can select the source of the file which can be either internal or external storage.

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3. Dumpster


Dumpster is an app like we have Recycle Bin in our desktop. Which means, all the photos and videos deleted after installing this app can be viewed in this app. You can then manually drop those files to Dumpster and recover them easily. It doesn’t even require internet connectivity.

When it comes to speed of recovering data, this is surely the fastest app in this list. All your newly deleted photos and videos get updated to this app and can be recovered instantly. The interface is super easy. Users only need to select the files which they want to restore. There is also an option to clean the dumpster automatically on a weekly or monthly basis.

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4. Photo Recovery

Photo recovery

At just 2.9 MB of size, photo recovery cannot get any easier. This is an app specifically made for recovering deleted photos. Using this app is very easy. And you get the preview of the images before recovering them. Apart from these features, you can also transfer these images to your PC also.

This app provides two different algorithms which if used can help in achieving better results. Although the loading time is a bit long but still its totally worth it.  No rooting required and no restrictions in recovering images from either Internal memory or External SD card.

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5. Restore Image ( Super Easy)

Restore Image(Super easy)

2.6 MB app with 10 million downloads. Stats speaks itself for the app. You can easily recover deleted snaps from both internal and external memory without rooting your Android smartphones. Restore Image is easy to use because of the user-friendly interface of this app. Whether those images are png or jpeg, this app will take care of all the formats.

But while scanning, the app takes a lot of time while searching for the images as compared to the apps mentioned above. But this can vary according to your memory consumption and the number of photos to be scanned and deleted.

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6. DigDeep


Another great Android app for photo recovery. It will scan all your images in the internal and external memory and display all the deleted files for you to select and recover them. This app will recover all of the image files like png, jpeg and so on.

But my biggest concern with this app is that it will also display all the existing files on your device too. Which makes it a little hard to search for the deleted ones. Apart from that, the interface is pretty easy and simple. You won’t find any kind of difficulty while scanning the images as it automatically takes care of it.

Install: Free

7. Disk Photo Recovery

Disk photo recovery

Basically, this app provides you the way to scan all of you images in three scan modes which are quick scan, custom scan, and Full Scan. A quick scan will quickly search for images through thumbnails instead of searching for all the images. Full scan is time taking but the best way to go if you are looking to full use this app’s features. For the custom scan, you need to buy the PRO version.

Users can even customize which type of files they want to be scanned like selecting only png and jpeg instead of searching all kind of images. The only drawback that I faced was we can not preview image before recovering. Apart from that, images are restored to the highest quality.

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Final Words

All these apps mentioned works best for restoring your lost or deleted images without rooting. Do expect ads as they all are free apps initially. And if you are only interested in installing one app only then I would recommend you to download DiskDigger because of its accuracy and minimal ads making it one of the best photo recovery apps for Android phones without rooting.

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