5 Best Photo To Sketch Apps For Android And iPhone

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There are so many platforms where anyone can share their content through visual media, especially photographs.  Our mobile phones provide so many tools to make them look creative and unique. One of the ways is to turn your normal everyday photographs into sketches or drawings. And if you also want to try such an app that can turn any pic into pencil sketch drawings then this article is for you. Below I have listed best photo to sketch apps for Android And iPhone.

Android and iPhone Apps To Convert Photo Into Sketches

1. Sketch Me

By XnView

Sketch Me - best photo to sketch apps

This app is only available for Android devices only. Probably the easiest photo editor app especially for sketch filters and effects. It only requires 7 MB of space so there is hardly any downside to installing Sketch Me app. Although ads are there but you can get rid of those any time by buying the premium version. But they are not so annoying so one can easily manage.

For turning images to sketch, either choose an image from the gallery or just capture any pic using the camera icon.  Then apply any sketch filter of your choice, it’s that easy. The app has provided many filters to choose from White on black, black on white, Neon, Pastel, Dull Pastel and so on. Pastel is my favorite as it gives the faded moody look to my image.

Available on Android only.

2. Sketch Master

By Dumpling Sandwich

Sketch Master - app to turn photo into sketches

Quite similar to Sketch me, this app is also available for Android devices only. It also has a similar working like Sketch Me. Open the App and you will see your phone’s gallery from where you can select the image to edit. On the next screen, you can modify display settings of the image like Rotation and all. After that, just apply any filter you want.

But the number of filers and effects varies quite vastly between these two apps. Sketch Master offers sketch filters like oil painting effects,
 pop art sketch filters, cartoon filters, Halftone sketches, artistic effects, Pencil sketches with fine contours, cross-hatching effect, Doodle effect and so many more. This range of effects gives a slightly upper hand to Sketch Master over Sketch Me.

Available on Android only.

3. Pencil Sketch

By Dumpling Sandwich

Pencil Sketch Best Photo to Sketch app

First of all, this app is available for both iPhone and Android. This makes Pencil Sketch the best app to convert photos into sketches. You can convert your photos into drawing easily using this app. It is totally free but if you want to get rid of ads then you will have to pay the specified amount for it.

The User interface is really simple. Select an existing image from the gallery or tap on camera to click a fresh snap and proceed with it. After that, all is left is choosing the appropriate filter which is all up to you. Apart from some awesome sketch filters, it also provides various photo editing tools which can be used to enhance images.

Available on both Android and iOS.

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4.  Clip2Comic

By DigitalMasterpieces GMBH

clip2comic - photo to sketch converter

Definitely the best Caricature app on iPhone. This photo to sketch converter app can turn your normal images into high-quality comic sketches. Unlike other rivals, these sketches feel like they belong to a legit comic book.

And not only comic sketches, users can also use this app to convert and create cartoon drawings, pencil sketch, Black and white portrait, and my favorite; Caricature. These are hilarious and so much fun to watch. Interface and working are pretty simple. open the app, tap any image on the gallery and its done. Try for yourself.

And it also provides a raw camera mode which is unique in its own ways. This camera will let you shoot photos and record videos while the filter is already applied. This way you can easily judge the best effect to go for. Clip2Comic is free initially and offers in-app purchases.

Available on iOS only.

5. Prisma

By Prisma Labs


I still remember when this app got viral two years ago. Everyone was obsessed with their oily and sketchy filters which gave a completely different look to their images. Till now, it is one of the best photo to sketch apps that make pictures look like drawings. And they look more like an art form rather than drawings. Its available on both Android and iPhones devices.

The great part about this app is that the filters it offers are not just any random filters.  These effects are based on the artwork made by various well-known Artists. People can also change or alter the opacity of these effects. You can view others users’ images and also share your own in the Feed section.

Available on Android and iOS.


I hope you found this article helpful. All of these apps are free and some of them offer in-app purchases. But even without spending any dime, you can get the most out of these photo to sketch apps. If you ask me then I will have to pick Prisma because of all the refreshing filters and unique sketch styles it gives. In addition, I can use this app on any of the major smartphone devices which is the perfect cherry on the cake.

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