What is Build.prop & How to use it to customize your Android Device

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In this article we are going to discuss what is build. prop, its functionality along with how to edit build.prop to customize your Android Device for better speed, improved battery life & other customization.

Well Build.prop contains all the important information and command lines to identify the device and to make it run smoothly along side. Build.prop contains all those commands that make the Software & Hardware acceleration to run the device smoothly. It contains your current Android OS version, your device’s specifications so that the apps can mend their interface and their functionality to have a smooth interface between user and apps. It also contains the build number, Manufacturer name and other essential information to identify the Android device distinctly.

what is build prop and how to edit build prop

How to Edit Build.prop file in Android Device

The editing of build.prop is necessary for customization purpose of your Stock/Custom ROMs as well. Here is how you can edit build.prop and get some customization’s that can be done through build.prop edit.

  1. Reducing LCD Density
  2. Enabling/Disabling Onscreen Nav bar
  3. Editing Android version
  4. Edit Your Model
  5. Edit product Brand Name

And the list goes on and on. Here in this article we will show some common tweaks which can be easily done by new users.


  1. Rooted Android Device
  2. Es File Manager App
  3. Reboot Menu Widget


Before going in to editing the build.prop keep this in mind that this script is not a playing around stuff. So proceed if you know what you are up to. TechUntold doesn’t hold any responsibility for any kind of malfunction in your device/Soft brick/Boot loop. Proceed With Caution.

Steps to edit Build.prop file:


You need ES File Manager to edit build.prop file & get the build.prop location. So open ES file manager app in your device & grant its Root access as shown in the picture.

how to edit build.prop - step 1-min


Open the root folder inside the ES file Manager App as shown in picture.

how to edit build.prop - step 2-min



Open System sub folder inside Root folder as build.prop file is there. See the picture for better understanding.

how to edit build.prop - step 3-min



Now open the build.prop file as Note editor.

how to edit build.prop - step 4-min


The build.prop will open with several lines of command as shown.
Don’t mess with any command line if you don’t know what you are doing as it may cause boot loop.

how to edit build.prop - step 5-min

5 Build.prop Tweaks

Tweak-1 (For Reducing LCD Density)

Change the value in line “ro.sf.lcd_density=480″ as per your requirement. Sometimes choosing a very Lower value which may not be supported by your device may cause boot loop.

how to edit build.prop - tweak 1-min

Tweak-2 (Enable/Disable Onscreen Nav-Bar)

Addition or deletion of the command line (“qemu.hw.mainkeys=0”) will cause in appearing and disappearing of Onscreen Nav-bar.

In My device it is not there but I can use it by adding my self.

The Command is “qemu.hw.mainkeys=0” will turn on Soft Nav-Bar in devices having HW keys only.

Tweak-3 (Editing Device name)

how to edit build.prop - tweak 3a-min

Find this line shown in the picture and change the device name as per your requirement. This may be useful in some of the case in which your device doesn’t support some special apps designed for specific devices.

how to edit build.prop - tweak 3b-min



Tweak-4 (Changing OS version)

This command line will change your OS version.

how to edit build.prop - tweak 4-min

Tweak-5 (In case any Command line is missing)

Sometimes the required command line is not found, in that case add the required command after the end of script having several 00000 with an ENTER

how to edit build.prop - tweak 5-min

Now go back from the ES note editor and save the script. Now reboot and enjoy the custom feel.

There are many more tweaks available for Android device using build.prop. So Choose and customize your device as per your requirement.

Apart from these mentioned tweaks here are the best Android Apps you should have.









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