How To Change DNS Settings On Android

How to Change DNS Server On Android

DNS (Domain Name System) is a function that translates Domain Names into IP addresses. This is required as computers understand the numerical IP addresses easily and convert them into websites. At times while surfing the internet you might face connectivity issues. You may see a DNS server error due to which you are not able … Read more

How to Create Specific Activity Shortcut for Any Android App

Create Shortcut for specific activity Android

Using this tutorial you can create a shortcut for a specific activity for any app on Android. This will help you to perform tasks quickly with a single tap on Home screen and hence you can be more productive. Thanks to our smartphones, our lives are a lot easier. You can send Emails, watch videos, make … Read more

What is Build.prop & How to use it to customize your Android Device

what is build prop and how to edit build prop

In this article we are going to discuss what is build. prop, its functionality along with how to edit build.prop to customize your Android Device for better speed, improved battery life & other customization. Well Build.prop contains all the important information and command lines to identify the device and to make it run smoothly along … Read more