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How to Create Specific Activity Shortcut for Any Android App

Using this tutorial you can create a shortcut for a specific activity for any app on Android. This will help you to perform tasks quickly with a single tap on Home

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How to Lock Android Apps With Your Face

This tutorial will share a way to lock Android apps using your Face. Use this guide to Face Lock Apps on your Android smartphone. Adding a password or lock pattern

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What is Build.prop & How to use it to customize your Android Device

In this article we are going to discuss what is build. prop, its functionality along with how to edit build.prop to customize your Android Device for better speed, improved battery

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3 Hidden Android Features every Android user should use

Android device comes with lot of cool options. But the problem is apart from very few regular features, users are not aware of most of the hidden Android features. Don’t worry, here

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Cool Android tips and tricks that you can brag about

Many speculation were made in past that android is a first copy of Apple. But even to imitate something you need to have genius brains. Android is the most “user friendly” software,

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Coolest Android Tips and Tricks to Make Life Easy-Peasy

Being an Android user you must be aware that it is the most user friendly operating system to deal with, but we can never get enough of goodness. In this fast paced world

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