How To Restrict WhatsApp Group Members From Changing Group Info & Sending Messages

Block Members from changing Group icon name description

The Restricted Groups feature was being tested for some time now and finally, it has made it to the official WhatsApp app. What this means is that group admins can stop or block group members from changing group icon, subject/name and description. The new Group settings are rolled out in both the iPhone and Android version of … Read more

How To Change Language In WhatsApp

Change Language in WhatsApp Android iPhone

WhatsApp is popular worldwide and is the most used messaging app which you might already know unless you’re living under a rock. But what good is it if you cannot use the app in your local language? In case you are not aware, WhatsApp supports up to 60 languages that include Spanish, Hindi, German, and … Read more

How To Add Group Description On WhatsApp

Add Description To WhatsApp Group Chats

Recently, WhatsApp added a feature which allows you to add a description for group chats. This might sound a pretty useless feature to have at first thought but believe me, it comes in quite handy. Group Descriptions can be used to explain what the group is all about or group rules and more. If it’s … Read more

How To Send And Receive Money On WhatsApp Using Payments Feature

How To Send and receive money on WhatsApp Using Payments

WhatsApp is here with the next big thing – peer-to-peer Payments. The feature is currently rolled out in India for both Android and iPhone devices. WhatsApp makes use of UPI for its Payments feature. Considering the popularity of the app the latest addition is expected to be a huge hit. To help out users in … Read more

How To Remove Admin Rights On WhatsApp Without Removing From Group

Dismiss as Admin on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has not become so much popular by chance but because it listens to its users. One example of that is the feature of removing admin rights from the WhatsApp group. Previously, you had to take a long way. One of the admins had to first remove the desired admin from the group and then … Read more

WhatsApp Translator: How To Translate WhatsApp or Facebook Chats Instantly

Translate WhatsApp or Facebook Chats Instantly

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are used by users all around the globe and with that, the language barrier is bound to happen. Your friend or colleague may message you in Russian or Spanish, which you might not understand. To understand the message in the language you’re familiar with, you can copy the message and switch … Read more

How To Find Hidden/Secret WhatsApp Emoticons [Infographic]

Find secret WhatsApp emoticons

We all know WhatsApp has introduced a new feature by which we can search emoticons. This feature comes handy when we do not want to waste time in finding a particular emoticon for our chat or words are less to describe our feelings. What most of the people don’t know is along with this search feature … Read more