How To Find Hidden/Secret WhatsApp Emoticons [Infographic]

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We all know WhatsApp has introduced a new feature by which we can search emoticons. This feature comes handy when we do not want to waste time in finding a particular emoticon for our chat or words are less to describe our feelings. What most of the people don’t know is along with this search feature WhatsApp has also updated its emoticon’s stock and there are several other emoticons which are not shown in the emoticon bar. These are the emojis which appear only when you type a particular keyword. Now the difficult task here is to find those hidden emoticons. To help you with that we have compiled a list of secret WhatsApp emoticons with their respective search codes/keywords/phrase.

13 Secret WhatsApp Emoticons

I tried a few keywords and was able to find some of the new emoticons.

To get started, open your WhatsApp and go to the conversation of the person/group you want to chat with. Tap on the emoticon icon and then search icon. Now type any one of the keywords shared in the graphic below or copy from the text given after the visual to get the hidden emoji’s.


secret whatsapp emoticons

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  1. Giggle/Face With Hand Over Mouth (Boys keep away from this)
  2. Face With Symbol (Don’t curse, just use this one)
  3. Shushing/Quiet (Finger on the lips)
  4. Vampire(For twilight fans)
  5. Face With Monocle (Be a scholar)
  6. Zombie(DAMM!! also on WhatsApp)
  7. Dumpling (I am hungry)
  8. Sauropod/Dinosaurs (Your T-REX is here)
  9. Brain (Just the part you want to see)
  10. Cut of Meat/Meat (Only a slice of it)
  11. Genie (Make a wish)
  12. Woman Mage/Mage/Witch (Spill the  magic)
  13. Astronaut (Fly to space)

You can try these and surprise your friends by sending it to them. They won’t be able to find these easily. Apart, from the above keywords, you can try your own keywords and keep searching on WhatsApp for new emoticons just make sure you have installed the latest WhatsApp as they will keep adding new emoticons in their future updates.

Don’t forget to share the new emoticons and their codes you know or discover apart from the ones shared here in the comments section below.

Happy Searching!

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