9 Incredible Uses of 3D Scanning Technology in Today’s World

3D scanner

Trillions of dollars are poured into new technology every year by the world’s biggest businesses. Why? Because CEOs see the value that cutting-edge advances can bring to their workflows and the world. Among the many types of technology that are receiving attention from investors, 3D scanning technology seems to be leading the pack. Since its … Read more

What Is WhatsApp? Learn Everything About This App From My Review

What Is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a free messaging app for Android smartphones, iPhones, Mac computers, and Windows PCs. It allows you to make calls and send texts, images, videos, voice recordings, and documents up to 100 MB. You can even video group chat with up to 8 people. These functions are free as long as you use WiFi. Has … Read more

Twitter Logo Bird Name, Meaning, And The History

Everyone has seen the online social networking giant, Twitter’s logo, it’s a bird. And that bird itself makes Twitter identifiable. And do you know that Twitter’s Logo bird also has a name? Yes, the secret of Twitter’s Logo name came into the picture in August 2011 when Twitter co-founder Biz Stone was asked about it … Read more

How does Zomato make money : Business Model

How does Zomato make money

In the shaky startup Indian ecosystem, Zomato has been a steady player, continuously growing and expanding. They are now present in over 23 countries.  Zomato’s products add a lot of value to the users and restaurants alike. Users look for variety and options based on pricing, cuisine, location and sometimes offers. The restaurants get a … Read more

Sequence Behind Android OS Names

The first Android operating system version 1.0 (Android Alpha) was released in September 2008. They have come a long way since then because of its useful features and a plethora of developed apps from millions of developers. Android users are aware of the fact that Google uses familiar names mostly of sweets for their Android … Read more