Does Length of Cable affect Charging Speed?

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A very few people get Tech. Most of us don’t and sometimes we have questions that really may seem trivial, but it doesn’t let us sleep. I’ll be honest, my well educated dad who went to a premium college, who is an engineer and who is super technical when it comes to building bridges and roads asked me

“Does the pen drive catch a virus if you keep the cap open? ” And I was flabbergasted to be honest.

Does Length of Cable affect Charging Speed?

How could people even ask questions like this I thought to myself? Then I remembered “Yahoo Answers” and my question to myself was answered. There are incredibly stupid questions in this world and it’s fine to have them.

Would a shorter charging cable charge faster

Would a long charging cable take more time to Charge

Today at TechUntold we answer to questions relating to Technology that a lot of people want to know.

Question 1: Would a shorter charging cable charge faster?

Question 2: When you add data to your hard disk, does your hard disk’s weight Increase?

Would a shorter charging cable charge faster?

In the case of servers, it is true that servers that are located closer to your location will send data faster than the ones that are far away. This makes sense because the distances of these servers are thousands and thousands of kilometers in length. What about phone chargers?

Let’s find out.

Resistance is something that is in the way of charging. The formula for resistance in physics is actually

Resistivity = Length / Cross Sectional Area

According to the formula, if the resistance is higher then the longer it takes to charge.

To test this hypothesis a developer from the Xda forum actually conducted a test to see if it’s true. He compared three chargers a 12”, 36” and a 72”.

Now, when more power goes through the charger, the faster is the charging. So based on the test let’s see how the chargers did.

He used two chargers, one was the Samsung 2 Amps and the other was the Asus 1.35 Amps.

You can clearly see that the 12” charger is faster than the 36” and the 72” by a margin. But in the case of the Asus, the 12” and the 36” are the same. So it is true that smaller charging cables will charge faster, but not in all cases.

Does charging depends on Length of cable

Let’s move on to question two.


When you add data to your hard disk, does your hard disk’s weight Increase?

The answer is yes, but an amount that can probably be never measured.  Every object is made up of electrons. According to physicists, these electrons interact with each other. When the data on a hard disk is more, then the electrons have more opportunities of contact with each other electron. It is said that these electrons are split into domains and each domain interacts with 4 other domains. By this, it is estimated that energy is released. And Einstein’s famous formula comes into place. E = mc2. With energy there is mass.

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We’ll keep adding more of these questions and answers as and when we get them!

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