Why Google Chrome Uses A Lot Of Memory

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Google Chrome gained 0.78% users last year. No doubt Chrome percentage of users is gaining every year while IE and Mozilla Firefox percentage of users dipping. It is because Chrome is blazing fast. It is well optimized to load the pages fast to get the fastest browser around you. It’s start page, where it provides all the most visited websites makes it stand out from others. But, we see Google Chrome eating so much RAM, making our system performance down. Why so? This article will guide you how and why Google Chrome uses a lot of memory & how to make Google Chrome use less memory.

How Google Chrome Uses A Lot Of Memory

Yes, Google Chrome uses too much memory to load the website pages for you. Don’t just take our words, check out by following below method:

  • Open Chrome, open 5 tabs in it.
  • Open Mozilla, open 5 tabs in it.
  • Now open Task Manager and see memory usage under Processes tab.

You can see a significant difference in memory usage of both the browsers. You might have noticed multiple processes for chrome while Firefox has only one. Actually, Chrome has a different process for different tabs while Firefox has only one process that reuses the same memory.

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Reason Behind Google Chrome Using So Much Memory

Google Chrome is designed very intelligently. The reason behind Google Chrome takes up so much memory is that it keeps separate the processing of one tab (one website) from another tab. So if one tab stops responding by any means then only that tab will not work, however, other tabs will be responsive and even you can delete that process from Task Manager and rest of your tabs will work fine. But in Mozilla Firefox if one of the tab stop responding than you have to close the whole Firefox browser and not that particular non-responding window. So to avoid sharing of memory for different tabs, even themes and extensions, it consumes more memory.

How To Make Google Chrome Use Less Memory

Now as you get to know that why Google Chrome take up so much memory we will move forward to look at the ways how we can make Google Chrome to use less memory. Below goes the method:

  • Open the Properties of Google Chrome by right clicking the Chrome icon and then selecting Properties.
  • A properties window will open, click on the Shortcut tab.
  • In Shortcut tab find Target field and paste “- -process-per-site” at the end of target field as shown below.

          “C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe” – -process-per-site

  • Click on Apply then Ok. Close Google Chrome and open it, now your Google Chrome will consume less memory than before.

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Another Method That Makes Chrome To Use Less Memory

If you are using too many extension for your Google Chrome browser that you can turn off unimportant ones. Below is the procedure to turn off the extension in Google Chrome.

  • To turn off the extensions, click on the Chrome menu (wrench icon) at top right corner.
  • Now navigate to More tools -> Extensions. Or you can directly type in “chrome://extensions/” in the address bar of chrome to open the installed extensions.why google chrome uses a lot of memory - extensions
  • A separate extension window will open where you can uncheck the Enabled checkbox next to the extension.

As you are now aware of why google chrome uses a lot of memory and how we can make chrome to use less memory, you can now improve your system CPU performance.

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