How To Turn Off YouTube Notifications On Chrome

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Enabling notifications on YouTube allows the subscribers to get notified whenever their favourite YouTuber channel upload a new video. It’s a great convenience to have as notifications keep the subscribers updated with all the new stuff happening on YouTube channel. But, if you are subscribed to a lot of YouTube channels then you get notified more frequently which become annoying sometimes, especially when you are working.

If you happen to use YouTube on Chrome then it’s even worse because notifications keep flooding in whenever you open the browser. But no need to worry, as here in this tutorial we share with you a guide on how to turn off YouTube notifications on Chrome. So stay tuned.

Turn Off YouTube Notifications On Chrome

Here’s a step by step guide on how you can disable YouTube notifications

1. Launch the Chrome browser on your computer and visit YouTube on it. Log into your account if not logged in already.

2. Now on your YouTube account, click on the notification icon at the top right corner.

YouTube notifications

3. Under notifications, click on the gear icon to enter the notification settings.

Notification settings

4. Now under General settings, toggle off the switch that says “Get notifications in this browser“.

Turn Off YouTube Notifications On Chrome

Doing so will turn off your YouTube notifications on the chrome browser. If you ever feel like enabling the notifications again you can simply do that by following the same steps as shown above.

Turn Off Notifications For Selected Channels

If you do not want to turn off notification for all the subscribed channels then you can disable the notifications for selected channels as well. This way you will get notified but only for the selected ones.

1. On the Chrome browser visit YouTube and sign in to your account. Now on the left side panel under Subscriptions select the channel that you want to turn off notifications for.

YouTube subscriptions

2. Next, on the channel’s homepage, click on the bell icon next to the Subscribed button. Now change the notifications settings from All to None to stop receiving any notifications from this channel.

Turn off notifications

You can also change the settings from All to Personalized to receive personalized notifications from YouTube.

All YouTube Notifications Vs Personalised Notifications

Whenever someone subscribes to a channel on YouTube they can turn ON the notifications for that channel by pressing the bell icon. By default, the subscribers get all notifications from that the channel on their account. But, YouTube has come up with new notification settings know as the Personalised notifications.

When someone enables the personalized notifications they receive custom notifications from YouTube based on their watch history and the way they use the notifications. Enabling personalized notifications entitle the users to get only the notifications that matter most to them.

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Enabling notifications is a great way to stay updated with all the content that the creators upload on YouTube. But the users sometimes receive irrelevant notifications from the creators that are of no use to them.

Hence, they completely turn off the notifications from that particular channel. But rather than completely disabling the notifications you should use the personalized notifications, which will allow you to receive only relevant ones.

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