Torrent Auto Download and exciting Automation Hacks

Apart from being very useful, today’s post is a bit aspirational. We want to inspire hardcore developers to code and create their own tools, automations and useful software. Programming is becoming pretty mainstream and companies like Free code camp talk about it being as a necessity in this modern world. Rightly so!

5 Best Automation Strategies for Geeks

Programming is used to make jobs and functions much easier and that is why today we have the 5 best automation hacks for geeks.

Hack #1: One click subtitle downloader for movies.

We all use torrents to download our favorite TV shows and Movies. There is one hassle that we all face and that is downloading the right subtitles. To download the right subtitle, one has to copy the exact file name paste it on google and suffix “English subtitles” to that string. Sometimes you’ve to scroll and search for that exact file. Thanks to some python wizardry we have an automation hack for this.

Hack for Subtitles: Github Link

Credit : Manoj

Hack #2: Find out when the price drops on Amazon and get notified.

There is an e-commerce boom right now and because of that, all the e-commerce stores are offering massive discounts. When these stores offer these discounts, we are too late to react and miss the opportunity. Now we have a hack to get notified when the price drops!

Hack for Price Drop :Github Link

Credit : Arun

Hack #3: Get hired fast!

A lot of us are working professionals and are looking out for job opportunities. Hunting for a job and trying to get an interview is such a cumbersome process. You will have to individually connect to the recruiters and mail them your details. To automate and fasten the process we have a hack today. To perform this hack make sure you connect with a maximum number of recruitment professionals and HR people. They will readily connect because they are always looking to expand their network.

Hack for getting hired fast: Github Link

Credit : Karan

Hack #4:  Auto-Download movies based on your choice!

Watching good movies is a favorite pass time. But movie discovery can be hard and to find a good quality print can be even harder. What if you could get the best of both? This hack is about automating the process of movie selection based on certain criteria and also getting the best quality print.

Hack for auto-downloading good quality movies: Github Link

Credit :Siddharth

Hack #5:  Get the best Hacker news stories

Hacker news has been one of the top sites for geeks that cover topics such as Technology, Cybersecurity, programming and more. Reading the top trending articles could be a great start to the day for a lot of us geeks. This hack is about getting the top trending articles from hacker news and not missing a single interesting story.

Hack for hacker news stories :Github Link

Credit :Sushant

Hope you have benefitted from today’s post. Let us know if you’ve come across more automation hacks!

Kishen is a serial entrepreneur and marketer. He started his entrepreneurial journey with a Web Development company called Vanadium. He also has written multiple books on Marketing, Conversion optimization, Facebook marketing and More.


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