How To Snooze Tabs In Firefox Or Chrome And View Later

Snoozing tabs has a lot of benefits and can go a long way in improving your productivity while browsing. In this tutorial, we mention how to snooze popular browsers. So, if you are a Chrome or Firefox user and troubled by plenty of tabs opened at the same time then follow this guide to snooze Firefox or Chrome tabs.

Why Snooze Tabs And How Is It Useful?

While surfing the internet you might come across web pages with useful content. But you can read them at that point in time as you are working on another important task. The options you have here are pretty less. Either you can keep them open and let them deviate you from the task at hand, as opening a lot of tabs will most probably make you miss the important ones. Another option is to close them and never find them later or at least kill some time of yours in finding it again.

Either you can keep them open and let them deviate you from the task at hand, as opening a lot of tabs will most probably make you miss the important ones. Another option is to close them and never find them later or at least kill some time of yours in finding it again.

Thinking of bookmarking it? Think again. The websites which you might have bookmarked to visit frequently will be hard to spot with increasing bookmarks. To deal with this you will have to delete these bookmarked web pages.

To overcome all these shortcomings, Snooze is here to help you. With Snooze, you can close tabs at that particular time and they will reopen at the selected time for viewing later.

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So, let proceed and learn how to first snooze tabs in Firefox.

Snooze Firefox Tabs And View Them Later

Snooze tabs feature is still in its beta/experimental stage.

But you can get it from Firefox test pilot program.

Visit the above link and download Firefox to become a part of the program. The size of the .exe file will be 43.3 MB. After the download is finished install the Firefox browser. This version of Firefox will have the new features/add-ons which are in the testing phase. Snooze tabs feature is one of them.

If Firefox is already installed on your PC then it will be upgraded to the test pilot version where you can test new features/add-ons.

Upon successful installation visit the following link to Install test pilot and Enable Snooze tabs add-on.

How to get Firefox test pilot program

Once test pilot is installed and Snooze tabs add-on is enabled then you will see a bell icon at the top right of Firefox browser.

Now, whenever you wish to close a tab but want to view it later at a suitable time then click on the bell icon. Select the desired time of viewing the web page later.

The options available are viewing it later in the day, next day, next week, next month, next time you open the Firefox browser or even select a specific date and time.

Snooze tabs in Firefox and reopen them later automatically

As soon as you select the desired option, that particular tab will be closed automatically. It will reopen automatically at the time you chose above.

Snooze Firefox tabs to open at specific time
Snooze tabs to open at a specific date/time

Oops did you snooze a web page accidentally? No problem. It is possible to delete snoozed tabs by going to Manage Snoozed tabs and hovering over the tab you wish to delete.

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Snooze Chrome Tabs

To be able to snooze tabs on Chrome browser you need to add the Tab Snooze extension from the following link.

Personally, I feel that this plugin is among the best Chrome extensions.

Once you have installed the extension you are all set.

There will be a crescent moon icon added at the top in Chrome browser. It is the icon of Tab Snooze extension.

Whenever you wish to close the tab now but wish to view it later, Snooze it. Click on the half-moon icon when you are on the desired tab or press Alt+s on the keyboard. Select the desired time for viewing later. There are a good number of options offered.

You can choose to view it later today, tomorrow, next week, in a month or even pick a specific date and time by clicking on Pick Date.

Snooze tabs on Chrome and view them later

As soon as you click on the desired time, the web page will be closed. Now, depending on the time you chose you will be reminded by a notification to view it.

Notification for snoozed tab
Notification to View Snoozed tab

If you wish to change the time intervals of the options presented then click on the Settings(gear icon) at the bottom of the extension menu.

Under Snooze times you can set the desired time intervals.

Change Snooze time on Chrome

You can see all the snoozed tabs at one place by clicking on Snoozed tabs at the bottom of the Menu which appears on clicking the extension icon.View Snoozed tabs

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We hope you found this article useful. Extensions or features like these help us to be more productive at work. Isn’t it? Do share this article on social media and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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