7 Best Slack Alternatives For Team Collaboration

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Slack is one of the most used communication platforms for professional purposes. Many big and small companies and their teams use slack to discuss, evaluate and track their progress on tasks. However, there are many reasons why people don’t choose Slack or need a replacement. You can only search and view last 10,000 messages on the free version of Slack. So, it is not possible to see communications related to old projects. The file storage limit on Slack is up to 5 GB and it doesn’t compress the images that you send. On Google Play Store, users have also complained about its slow speed and the battery draining very fast.  So, here are some best Slack alternatives that will fuel and integrate your work and team communication.

Best Slack Alternatives In 2018 That Are Free Or Cheaper

1. Flock

Flock - best Alternatives to slack

Flock is a good team communication app that is cheaper than Slack. And the free version is also much better than Slack’s free version. When you start with Flock, they ask you for your purpose and very few details. These entries are used to customize Flock for your purpose. Flock fetches all the email contacts from your phone so that you can make the desired team.

Four types of chat rooms can be created on Flock — for a project, for a particular department’s team, for a shared interest like startup, design etc. and lastly for any other discussion with the team.

You can make more than one team. In the chat section, you can send photos, attach a file from your device or Google Drive, create a poll etc. Flock allows you to do video and audio conferencing with multiple members at a time. You can share notes, to-dos, and set reminders too.

Download Flock:  Android/iOS

2. Moxtra

Moxtra - Best Alternatives for Slack

Moxtra is one of the best chat platforms for businesses. It has 4 types of pricing policy in which starters and small businesses can use it for free with limited features.

You can view chat history up to last 90 days, video call 3 persons, and maximum size of the file has to be 10 MB. For Pro version, viewing chat history is for unlimited days, video call limits up to 50 people for an unlimited duration. The maximum file size to upload is also 200 MB.

Download Moxtra: Android/iOS

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3. Fleep

Fleep - Best Alternative to Slack App

Currently, Fleep has a low userbase, but it has some great reviews on Google Play Store. Fleep is a little different from Slack. It is better for an individual who needs to work with different teams. Or a manager who has to handle a lot of teams. You can create many teams, chat and send any type of file.

So, it is like any chatting app but with additional features for team management. You can pin messages in the chats and create tasks for the team. This app also integrates all the email contacts from your phone and Gmail account. Fleep allows you to Sign in from different accounts at the same time.

Download Fleep: Android/iOS

4. Cisco Webex Teams

Cisco Webex Teams - Free slack alternative app

Cisco Webex Teams formerly known as Cisco Spark is one of the great Slack alternatives. It has a good number of features and is best for collaboration where your teammates can chat, voice call and video call. You can see older messages and files from any account without switching the accounts.

Your tasks and files are secure as it provides end-to-end file encryption. On an average, this app is 50% cheaper than Slack which makes it a better option.

Download Cisco Webex Teams: Android/iOS

5. Wire

Wire - free team communication app

Wire is a secure messaging app which is used by individuals as well as by the teams of many organizations. It has an amazing interface with useful features. You can create a group of people available on Wire and send anything that is on your phone. It is like WhatsApp or Telegram but with some extra features or you can say, with features of both the apps combined.

It does not have special business tools like the above apps. But Wire allows you to send various files, documents, record and send videos and audios, self-destructing messages etc. The best part about Wire is, you can create separate profiles for business and family.

Download Stride: Android/iOS

6. Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq - Best slack alternatives 2018

Zoho Cliq is another cheaper team communication app in comparison to Slack. The app is simple and user-friendly with three important sections — My Pins, Chats, Channels. You can pin important chats and they will appear separately in the first section. Create different ‘Personal’ or ‘Open to All’ channels for the different teams of your organization.

In the channels, you can share images, GIFs, Files, Events, Contacts, and locations. If you want to discuss an important post from a conversation separately with any other contact, Cliq has the option to ‘Fork’ the conversation to others. You can also mention someone during the course of conversation using @mention.

Download Zoho Cliq: Android/iOS

7. Discord

Discord - Team communication app for gamers

Discord is basically designed for voice and text chat for Gamers. But it is surely a good free Slack alternative as it can be used as a tool to communicate with your team. Most of its important features are free. Its interface is also very nice and minimal. Discord allows you to add friends with DiscordTag number.

You can create private and public channels where your friend will join you. You can also create servers set in different countries and share the link on different platforms so that people can join you.

Download Discord: Android/iOS

So, these were some amazing team communication apps that can prove to be the best Slack alternatives. However, even after so many drawbacks, Slack can’t be underestimated. Moving on from Slack must be considered if you don’t need so many functions or can’t manage with the costly version of Slack.

We often make the list of apps that can be used in place of famous apps with less price and some extra features. If you want a similar suggestion for any other bulky or costly app, let us know in the comments.

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