8 Skyscanner Alternatives For Comparing Flight Tickets

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When you are traveling somewhere, you are already spending a lot. Booking a flight adds a lot in that expenditure and when you are traveling you want to cut some cost on flight tickets. Skyscanner is a price comparison website that provides you the cheapest air tickets by comparing them on various websites for booking flights. It saves you from going to every booking website individually and checking their price for a particular flight. How does it work? When you enter a route, it starts searching for every flight for that route from various websites. It will give you the result of different airline options from the sites that are offering the cheapest rates on that route. When you select from those options it will redirect you to that website for the further booking process.

There are many flight comparison websites that will let you do the same and more. Due to multi-city searches and price trend tracker, Skyscanner almost always offers the cheapest flight tickets. But in some cases, other websites can offer you cheaper options. We are going to provide you 8 alternatives to Skyscanner that you can use to compare flight tickets and make travel affordable.

Skyscanner Alternative Sites And Apps

1. ExpediaExpedia

This is the first place you usually go when it comes to booking cheap flight tickets. Expedia is highly known for budget flight tickets and easy to navigate interface. Also, it has a rewards system, where the members can get points on their bookings. Now, these rewards can be redeemed on your future travel with no expiry date. Expedia also lets you book hotels, vacation packages, and tickets for various activities. The good thing is, it doesn’t act as a third party or agent and lets you book tickets on its own website. It is both a flight comparison and booking website.

They offer free cancellation within 24 hours after booking on flight tickets and no cancellation fee on hotel bookings. The good thing is that they have plenty of filters to make it easy for customers and rates each flight according to their amenities and quality. Expedia also has a mobile app for both iOS and Android.

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KAYAK lets you search hundreds of travel websites at once and compare prices. With KAYAK you can search for flights, hotels, car rental in advance while planning a trip. It has a very interesting feature called “explore” that lets you set a budget and suggests you where you can go and for how much. This is a perfect tool for planning a trip and finding budget destinations and flights.

KAYAK is a very reliable travel website for finding deals on flight tickets. When you search for a particular flight, the calendar indicates the prices on different dates. This way you can choose the cheapest day to travel to your destination. In addition, it can also predict the price trend and the best time to book a ticket. They have also included an option to compare flight lists with other websites like Expedia and CheapOair. Just like Skyscanner, it will also redirect to other websites where it finds the cheapest price for your route. You can do all these via KAYAK mobile app also and receive flight status updates and price change notification.


3. HipmunkSkyscanner alternatives - Hipmunk

It is the simplest website with the cleanest interface for finding flight tickets. The special thing about Hipmunk is that unlike others, it doesn’t just show the cheapest flight first. Instead, it sorts your flights with “agony” which implies how long you will be traveling, how many stops you will make and the price.

With flights, it also compares travel websites, hotels, and Airbnb. While searching for a flight you can add a flexible range of 3 suitable dates. So you don’t have to search multiple times for different dates to get the best option. Initially, when you search for a flight, your results will be displayed in a timeline and a slider will be provided to narrow down the result according to your schedule. You can sort flights by prices, duration, and airline with an option to see their baggage policy, seating, and amenities availability. You can choose to get the fair alerts by mail or on your phone and download their smartphone app.

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4. Google FlightsGoogle Flights

Google Flights in a neat and minimalistic flight search tool that is integrated with Google that makes it easy to search flights from the Google search bar. It has support for including multiple department and destinations airports at once. You can also compare prices on different dates at once to pick the cheapest one and airports that are near to your destination. The only downside is, this platform is dedicated to flights only and does not offer other services such as hotels and travel packages. That said, it is better than Skyscanner in terms of reliability and quick interface.

You can make use of its price graph service which will let you explore price trends for trips to your destination airport. Once you pick a flight you will be redirected to the company’s website that is offering the services. You can monitor the lowest price for your itinerary, and receive price alerts and travel tips by email. There is no dedicated app but you can always search flights via Google search.

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5. HopperApps like Skyscanner - Hopper

Instead of a website, Hopper is a fast and easy app for comparing and booking flights. You can download it on both Android and iOS. It predicts prices and helps you books flights and hotels at the right time and save money by selecting the option “watch this trip”. You can choose your travel dates and get notified instantly when prices fall and are likely to rise. Hopper predicts prices for up to 1 year in advance and claims 95% accuracy in their predictions. You can search for flexible dates and know if it is the right time for you to book tickets for your selected dates. The app interface is clean and easy with no ads or spam appearing on screen. The booking and cancellation is an in-app process and all useful information such as cancellation terms and baggage allowance is shown during that process.

Download Hopper

6. MomondoSites like skyscanner - Momondo

Momondo lets you find and compare fares from 691 travel sites. It categorizes the search results into three tabs that are labeled as “cheapest”, “quickest”, and “best”. The fares for different dates of your selected routes are also shown in a graphical representation.  So you can see if the prices are likely to go down or up in the future. You can filter your result by stops, duration, airlines, booking sites, etc. You can also compare prices with other known travel websites. The website’s interface is interactive and aesthetically pleasing. They also have articles and own blog about travel tips and tricks for reading and a list of most searched cities and countries on Momondo. Checking flights through a mobile app is also possible but redirects to the original website for booking.

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7. CheapOairCheapOair

CheapOair is known for finding the cheapest flights, hotels, vacations and car rental. While it may be true, they do have various exciting deals and offers for their members. Like Expedia they let you earn points on your bookings and them redeem them on future travel. You can also use their flexible dates feature to find out cheaper fare for your flight. They are reliable in terms of price as booking price it matches from the original result. You can refine your search and book your tickets on the website itself. Their 24/7 toll-free customer service solves every flight-related issues. CheapOair also has an Android and iOS app for mobile users and gives a discount on booking by downloading the app.

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8. CleartripCleartrip

Cleartrip is comparatively a newer addition to travel websites but has made its name for being one of the best sites to book flights and hotels. It is just like every other website on this list except Cleartrip is highly reliable when it comes to their booking and cancellation policy. They are transparent with no hidden cost involved. Booking can be done through the website and lets you apply coupons and discount codes while checkout. A separate mobile app is also available for convenient booking.

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Try out these few Skyscanner alternatives if you ever want to expand your search for flight tickets. When it comes to travel websites and apps, you should always read their terms and conditions before confirming your booking. As you are not directly booking from the airline, there could be hidden charges and no refund cancellation policy related to your booking. We have only recommended these few options for you based on our experience. Do let us know if you consider other options for your travel related bookings.

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