Restore Last Session And Reopen All Tabs On Chrome, Firefox

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When you reopen Google Chrome after it hangs and crashes,  it will ask you to restore to get back all the tabs that were opened. But if you have manually or accidentally closed Google chrome by yourself, it never gives you the option to restore. In that case, how can you restore Google Chrome last session or closed tabs? Here are the methods through which you can get back all the closed tabs that you opened earlier.

We will also let you know how to automatically restore the last session on Chrome and Firefox on startup. This will reopen all tabs that were opened in the previous session automatically when you open the browser.

How To Restore Google Chrome

Using Shortcuts

This is the best and easiest method to restore the last session.

  • After you have closed the Google Chrome open it and press ctrl+ shift+t. This will open all the windows which were opened last time you closed Google Chrome.
  • If you have closed a single tab and want to get back only that tab, the same shortcut is used. Press ctrl+shift+t, it will open the last closed tab. If you want to open the second last closed tab, then press ctrl +shift + t “2 times”. This will first open the last closed tab, then second last closed tab. Similarly for 3rd last closed tab, press ctrl + shift + t 3 times and so on.

Now, what if I told you that it is possible to reopen last browsing session automatically on startup.

Let us first look at how to do it for Chrome browser.

Restore All Tabs From Last Session on Startup: Chrome

1. Open Chrome browser on your PC. Click on Menu(three vertical dots icon) at the top right corner and select Settings.

2. Under Settings, select Continue where you left off under On Startup.

Restore All Tabs Chrome

That is it! Now the next time you open Chrome browser, it will by default open all the tabs from the last session.

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Let us proceed to Firefox.

Automatically Restore Last Session: Firefox

1. Open Firefox browser on your computer. Click on Menu(Hamburger icon) at the top right corner and select Options.

2. Under Startup, click on the combo box next to When Firefox starts and select Show my windows and tabs from last time.

3. Finally, click on Make Default to save the changes.

Automatically restore last session Firefox

You’re done! You can try by closing and opening Firefox. You will see that reopening Firefox opens the tabs from the previous session.

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