How To Restart Chrome Without Losing Tabs With A Bookmark

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Get to know about Chrome restart command/URL which allows you to quickly restart Chrome without losing tabs which were open. There is no need for a Chrome extension and a simple bookmark can do the job for you.

With over a billion users, Google Chrome is a widely used and accepted browser. However, Chrome uses a lot of memory and many times slows down the PC. We are then forced to close the browser and open it again by clicking on its icon. In case you were working on an important task you will be terrified as all the tabs will be lost. However, you can always restore Chrome last session.

But, what if this process of manually closing and opening Chrome and restoring the last session be automated? It will be really easy, useful and help in improving productivity. Isn’t it? So let us dive into it.

Restart Chrome Without Losing Tabs

To quickly restart Chrome open a new tab and enter the below URL in the address bar.


Hit Enter.

Woah! Chrome will close and will open automatically. All the tabs which were active will be restored.

For even more convenience you can bookmark the URL.

1. Press Ctrl + D on Windows and Cmd + D on Mac.

2. Click on Edit. Give a suitable Name and enter URL as chrome://restart.

3. Click Save.

Restart Chrome without losing tabs

With this, your bookmark is saved. Now the next time you want to restart Chrome just click on the bookmark and sit back.

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