How To Reset eBay Password

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eBay, like every other online platform, is very much open to potential hacking. Once these hackers get hold of your account, they can do all sorts of evil things with your personal details in hand. And that is why we have passwords, to prevent that from happening. But we can all agree that remembering passwords is a lot of work. Also, sometimes, we all get frustrated because we are supposed to remember so many passwords. And this frustration reaches another level if due to some reason, we are unable to remember our password for eBay. Because then, we’ve successfully secured our account not only from hackers but from ourselves too.

If you’re someone who’s in this same kind of scary situation, then you can only get out of it after you reset your eBay password. Now, you might be asking yourself how you could do that. Well, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered.

Along with that, you should also know how you can change your eBay password. Because changing your password from time to time makes your account more secure. And if that’s what you want to learn, then you can skip straight ahead to Change eBay password.

Reset eBay Password

If you forgot your eBay password, then you can easily reset it from your PC or the mobile app; steps being the same. So, just follow the given steps on any of the devices.

Note: You need to have access either to your registered number or your registered email ID to move further. If you don’t have access to at least one of those, then sadly you won’t be able to reset your eBay password.

1. First, get to the eBay sign-in page and click on the ‘Reset Your Password’ option.

reset your ebay password

2. Now, you’ll be asked for your registered email or your eBay username. Type in either of those details and click on Continue.

account verification

3. After you type in your email or your username, you’ll be asked to choose from two account verification options. The first one with the Text and the second one through an Email.

verification options

Important: If you don’t have your number registered on eBay, then you can only receive the verification or reset link through your email address. And if that’s the case, then you’ll be sent a password reset link just after you perform the second step.

reset link sent

4. TEXT: If you choose to reset your password through text, then you’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll be asked for a 4 digit PIN. Just input the PIN that you received on your registered number.

4 digit PIN

EMAIL: If you want to verify your identity through your email address, then you’ll receive a reset link on your email ID. Just find and open that particular email and click on the given link. (Note: If you can’t find the reset email in your inbox, then check your spam folder.)

ebay reset link

5. After you click on the reset link or input the 4 digit PIN, you’ll be redirected to the page where you have to input a new password.

new password

That’s it. You’ve successfully reset your eBay password.

Change eBay Password

To be able to change your eBay password when you’re already signed in to your account, follow these steps:

1. Take the cursor over your name on the extreme top left corner of the screen and you’ll see the Account Settings option in a small drop-down menu. Click on it.

ebay account settings

2. Now, you’ll automatically be on the Account tab. Under your Personal Info, click on the Personal Information option.

personal information

3. Within your account information, you’ll see your details like Account type, User ID and password. Click on the Edit option right in front of your Password.

change ebay password

4. Most probably you’ll again have to sign in to your account before being able to change your password.

ebay sign in

5. Finally, you’ll be asked to input your current password along with your new password. After you’re done with that, just click on Submit.

submit new password

Now, you’ll see that your password has been updated.

Stuck In eBay Password Reset Loop?

It happens very rarely but sometimes people get stuck in the eBay password reset loop. This means that they, again and again, get redirected to the eBay reset page when trying to sign in with the new password. Well, in that case, the first thing you can do is restart the browser you’re using after clearing your history, cookies, and cache.

And if that doesn’t work, then you can try contacting eBay Customer support. You can call them and tell them about the situation. They’ll probably confirm your identity by asking you details like your registered Email ID and phone number. After that, they’ll hopefully help you to get out of this situation once and for all.

Wrapping Up

Changing or resetting your eBay password is an easy process, that if you have access to your registered number or your email ID. If you’ve lost access to both of them and you’re logged out of your account, then sadly, you have no choice but to let that account go. However, if you can still verify your account by one of those methods, then you must have already reset your eBay password by now.


Can I reset my eBay password if I don't know my username?

Yes, you can use your registered Email ID instead of your eBay Username.

Can I reset my password without both Username and Email?

No, unfortunately, you need to input at least one of those details to be able to reset your eBay password.

By how many ways can we get eBay password reset link?

You can either get a 4-digit PIN on your number through TEXT, or you can get the reset link on your EMAIL. Although, you need to have your mobile number registered to be able to use the TEXT option.

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