How To Pin Tabs In Chrome Permanently Or For A Session

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The internet is full of stuff and once we start browsing there is literally no end to it. Because of this, you find yourself opening a plethora of tabs and end up losing the valuable pages among others. However, you can fix this easily by using the Pin feature in Chrome browser. In this guide, we share how you can pin tabs in Chrome permanently or only for a session on Mac or Windows. The procedure is largely the same for both the platforms.

What Does Pin Tab Mean And How Is It Useful?

Depending on your type of work there are always a few sites/pages that you work with the most. Pinning tabs make sure that these web pages are not lost or closed accidentally while you are opening or viewing others.

When you pin a tab it moves to the left of all the open tabs. In case of multiple pinned tabs, you can rearrange them if desired. It is useful as you always know that you need to reach left for important tabs. A real-time saver when you have plenty of tabs open.

The best part about pinning tabs is that they become small in size and the tab close option (x icon) is hidden. So, it becomes highly unlikely that you will close it accidentally.

Now, when you know the benefits let’s see how you can achieve it.

Pin Tabs In Chrome

Right-click on the desired tab and select Pin tab.

Pin tab in Chrome

That’s it! Yes, it’s that simple. Similarly, you can pin other tabs and rearrange multiple pinned tabs if you wish.

Open Chrome With Permanently Pinned Tabs

Now, if you end the session or close the Chrome window then the next time when you open Chrome your pinned tabs will be lost. This means that the pinned tabs are temporary and only for that particular session.

If you want them to be permanent then you should head over to Chrome Settings and select “Continue where you left off” under On start-up section. You can read the following tutorial to get more details on restoring the last session in Chrome.

With this, you have permanently pinned the tabs. On restarting Google Chrome, the pinned tabs from the previous session will be restored.

Note: For this to work you should never close the pinned tabs.

How To Unpin Tab In Chrome?

You can always unpin pinned tabs anytime if you wish. To do that right click on the desired pinned tab and select Unpin tab. Once you do that, the tab will be restored its normal size.

We hope that pin tabs in Chrome will help you to be more productive and organized while browsing. Pinning tabs not only helps you spot the useful tabs quickly but also prevents you from closing them accidentally.

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