6 OpenTable Alternatives To Improve And Boost Sales

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If you are a business enthusiast and looking for a service which can boost your cafe or restaurant, then you might have heard of OpenTable. It is an online POS(Point of Sales) System which can be used to improve and boost your sales along with improving customer satisfaction. But before investing in, you should definitely check out other OpenTable alternatives in the field as well which can increase your success rate.

OpenTable Alternatives For Business Owners

1. Toast

Toast POS

Owners can increase their restaurant revenue in a new creative way. There are a lot of features provided by Toast like Hardware options, Online ordering, Inventory management, Analytics & Reports, Gift cards, Loyalties and many more. And Toast services can be used for a variety of restaurants like Enterprise, bar, nightclub and pizza chains.

Before investing in their services, you can always take a free Demo first. Toast helps owners to improve the overall customer experience, staff efficiency and also make some savings at the same time. I really liked the customization which they provide. Users can easily make a system with groups and subgroups, create online and offline menus for a different set of audiences and also include happy hour time which can attract a lot of customers.

Links: Toast POS | Toast for Android

2. Clover


The second OpenTable alternative in the list is Clover. Clover was basically designed in respective of the requirements of small size restaurants and medium-sized restaurants. Owners can access Clover’s services on the website. Plus, it can also be used through mobile phones which makes it great for people to monitor the management anywhere.

Using Clover, owners can easily edit menus, monitor the inventory and also all their employees. In addition, they can also use the reports, and actionable insights to make the best smart business changes and decisions. For payment, they can easily use Apple Pay, debit card and credit cards using Clover’s POS payment feature.

Links: Clover | Clover for Android

3. TouchBistro

TouchBistro- Best opentable alternative

This platform provides more advanced tools regarding management made for the drinks and food service industry. TouchBistro combines many payment methods to ease owners effectively shorten expenses and manage bill receipts for a better money management. In addition, customers can spend and pay even through gift cards, credit, and debit cards all thanks to their POS system.

It is an iPad based POS platform that serves both of the restaurants like quick-service and full-service restaurants. This system helps them to increase their quality and reach,  and decision-making overall improving their boost sales. Owners can easily manage the inventory using their iPad. Additionally, to all other features, it also provides reports and analytics section.

Links: TouchBistroTouchBistro for iOS

4. Falcon


It has the best appealing interface compared to all the services mentioned in this list. And they have some of the best clients like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and many more. Falcon.io provides many tools for audience management, customer management, content marketing, and social media marketing as well. Owners can use this platform as the POS system to build their restaurants and food chains.

There are a lot of features provided like increasing customer satisfaction, creating quality content, governance features for maximizing team efficiency, insight and reporting tools and so on. Requesting a demo is super easy. You just have to enter your details and the company’s basic details such as its name and its size.

Link: Falcon.io

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5. Revel Systems

Revel Systems- Opentable alternative

Another iPad based POS system which restaurant owners can use to their advantage. And not only restaurant owners, this tool can be used by any business to promote and boost their sales. It has a method that empowers owners to monitor and perform both front and back-end activities. And before investing, entrepreneurs can easily request a demo from Revel Systems to get started.

They provide multiple features and advantages like improved customer experience, the mobile app to check activities by just tapping on the screen, payment solutions, management console, self-service kiosk, real-time metrics, and history data.

Links: Revel SystemsRevel Systems for iOS

6. Poster POS

Poster POS

Unlike OpenTable itself, Poster POS goes above and beyond what you expect out of a PoS program. It can help you manage your inventory, track expenses and even provide analytic reports with just a few clicks. More like OpenTable, however, the integrated Android and iOS apps that make it so easy to use.

The developer even claims that you should be able to have it up and running in around 15 minutes, which is about right for anyone who is experienced with deploying this kind of app. You might want to give yourself a little more time to play around with some of the more sophisticated features, though, because it does include a ton of different options.

At its base, Poster offers world-wide access to your company’s data. Everything is backed up directly to the cloud, so everyone logged in at the same time will see exactly the same information. Real-time information is especially important for bigger restaurants that see a ton of clients being seated at any given time.

This flexibility makes Poster suitable for higher-end eateries as well as chains. Where it really shines, though, is when the network goes down. Normally, this kind of situation would be devastating for a restaurant, especially if it were to happen at peak hours.

Users can take orders, print receipts and send tickets out to the kitchen with Poster even when they’re not connected to the Internet. All data will immediately get synced the moment your router goes back up. Business owners who have to deal with poor connectivity in areas where their only option is a copper or cellular connection will love this feature.

Even those who don’t have to worry about such problems should find plenty to like about Poster. In some cases, it can even save a great deal of money.

Managers can replace their existing kitchen printers with KDS screens that allow chefs to keep track of tickets effectively. This might also help to reduce the risk of someone getting a customer’s order wrong.

Waiters or hosts can take table reservations and track them right from inside the app. They’ll be able to view reservations displayed on an interactive planogram and a calendar, so nobody will end up getting double-booked.

Bonus and discount programs aren’t difficult either. You won’t need to run any additional software if you want to give your existing customers a new promotion. Offer discounts to them on a one-off basis or create a happy hour just with a single widget. You’ll even be able to customize specials with a few simple taps, so it shouldn’t be difficult even on-the-fly.

Link: Poster POS

This OpenTable alternatives article must have helped you figure out what other services like OpenTable are out in the market. What’s your take? Do let us know in the comments.

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