New Relic Alternatives: 5 Best Server Monitoring Tools

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In the modern times, analytics is emerging as the “must-have” functionality in any business. The reason is simple: analytics allows you to draw relevant insights from various data, which could be used to make better business decisions. Another common functionality is performance monitoring, which aims at improving the current and subsequent management of all the outputs and outcomes, thereby improving the performance. These two functionalities have made New Relic a favorite of developers.

Why go for New Relic Alternatives?

New Relic is a performance management and analytics software, which allows developers to have an in-depth look at the performance of every component of the system and gain insights from it. Named as an anagram of its founder, New Relic has been quite popular among people for some time now. But, nothing is permanent and irreplaceable. There are many shortcomings in New Relic, like high cost, constant nagging for upgrades and unsatisfactory customer support. If you are fed up with New Relic for the same reasons and want to try your hand at something new, your search ends here. Here are the best New Relic alternatives in the market right now.

1) Retrace


The product from Stackify is fast gaining traction among people. In fact, Retrace is designed specifically to replace New Relic. There are many reasons why it is the best alternative to New Relic, some of which are:

  • Retrace is extremely easy to use, by avoiding unnecessary cluttering of information on the dashboard. The utilities are clearly segregated.
  • Code tracing is easier in Retrace. You can keep a closer eye on your code, which would help while optimizing and debugging it.
  • Prefix, a lightweight profiler on Retrace, can help to get detailed code tracing while writing the code. It saves a lot of time from the optimization in the production phase.
  • The price of Retrace is fairly low in comparison to New Relic. Given that the high cost was one of the reasons why people looked for other solution, Retrace provides a good choice there.

Link: Website

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2) Dynatrace Ruxit

server monitoring software -dynatrace

Dynatrace is another popular option among those who want to replace New Relic. Like most other alternatives, it is built to bank on the shortcomings of New Relic. While the pricing is almost similar, Dynatrace gives most of the features New Relic gives, and then some more. Some of them are:

  • While the default mode in New Relic only performs monitoring at the application layer, Dynatrace Ruxit takes it beyond to the process, network and server layers.
  • While New Relic is good for viewing data, most of the data is meaningless and it remains for you to draw insights from it. In Dynatrace, the results follow Causation vs. Correlation, thus giving you only the data points that caused the event.

Link: Website

3) Datadog


For those who wanted a better monitoring software, Datadog is a worthy choice. Datadog aces at providing a one-stop unified view of the entire infrastructure. It has a very easy-to-use user interface, automatic metric collection and effective tracing of code. Datadog could be further integrated with dozens of technologies which makes it a very scalable choice. It also comes with a lot of graphical representations, providing charts, graphs, and models whenever necessary. The price is just 15$ per month and includes an unlimited amount of integrations in the registered host.

Link: Website

4) Site 24×7


A cloud-based monitoring application, Site 24×7 is a really cool option. It offers you with website, server, application, network and real user monitoring. One of its amazing features is the alerts. Whenever a problem occurs in your infrastructure, an alert would be sent to you via email, SMS or even Twitter! It also works great with metrics, by providing you with real-time charts and insights. Additionally, the application comes with Android and iOS apps too, thus giving you a significant edge. The entire list of monitoring features is quite comprehensive and would suffice to almost all of your requirements. All of this, at a starting price of just 9$ a month.

Link: Website

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5) Uptime Cloud Monitoring

new relic alternatives -copperegg

Formerly known as CopperEgg, Uptime Cloud Monitoring is definitely the most elite application on this list. Despite being quite expensive (even more than New Relic), Uptime is extremely rich in features. It provides you with insights into almost anything, be it systems (cloud, on-premise or hybrid), web applications or services. The entire application works in extreme real-time, with updates getting reflected in seconds.

Apart from monitoring, the troubleshooting is also extremely simple and aided with wizards. The insights provided are extremely detailed, with information about server health, load, CPU utilization, processes, memory, website downtime etc. The complimentary mobile app gives you much-needed portability. The best part, though, is that the pricing is broken down into modules. Thus, you only have to pay for the elements you would need for performance monitoring.

Link: Website

Out of the 5 New Relic alternatives which one you liked the most, do let us know via comments.

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