Top 10 Mailinator Alternatives To Get Temporary Email Id

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Mailinator is an online website that allows users to create a temporary email address. Now, why do you need one? Every other website you visit asks you for your actual email id or need you to sign in using it. The moment you give them your primary email address, it gets distributed and from the next day you start receiving spam, subscription letters and discount offers from the websites you didn’t even visit. Mailinator provides you with a perfect solution to this dilemma. With Mailinator, you can get creative and make up an email address and domain of your choosing. You will get your own disposable email id and inbox to read the emails from any websites you registered.

Need For Mailinator Alternatives

Nowadays some websites or service providers don’t let you use the email addresses of certain domains. They block certain Mailinator domains as their coping technique. So in case, a website doesn’t accept your Mailinator domain then you do have other similar services that will provide you with free disposable addresses. Here I will address 10 alternatives to Mailinator.

1. Fake Mail GeneratorFake Mail generator

Fake Mail Generator, like the name suggests, will provide you with a fake email address to sign into any website you like. You can temporarily use your inbox associated with that address and receive mail if the website asks for email confirmation. You can either create an address on your own or they will let you use a random one created by the website. You will also get an option to choose from 10 other domain names.

Go to Fake Mail Generator website

2. Confirm Your MailConfirm Your Mail

With Confirm Your Mail you can also create temporary email addresses but with a limited number of domain names. You can create a custom email ID or opt for a quick random email address. The interface is clean and automatically reloads your inbox every 20 seconds to check for new messages. Use this service if you want a quick and easy way to use a temporary email ID.

Go to Confirm Your Mail website

3. DispostableDispostable

The email addresses generated by Dispostable worked fine while signing up even in highly secured websites/blogs. You can pick any address you like, but it has to end with only. It provides an inbox to receive email but you have to confirm “I’m not a robot” captcha to view your message.

You can create multiple temporary addresses and go to the home page to access them from your recent inboxes list. You can either delete the messages manually or it will automatically delete the unread message after 2 days and read message after 2 months for you.

Go to Dispostable

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4. 10 Minute Mail10 Minute Mail - get temporary email address

In my opinion, it is the cleanest most straightforward free service to provide temporary email addresses. You will get a random address generated by the website and 10 minutes on the clock to make the best use of that address. You can, however, extend those 10 minutes by refreshing the page and to help you keep track of your 10 minutes you will get a countdown timer on the screen.

10 minutes might not be sufficient for someone who is using their address for a subscription service, but it is best for instant email verification or for getting a free 30-day trial offer without providing your personal address. The downsides of using this website are that you cannot set a custom email id on your own and if you’re not available on your PC to refresh the page after every 10 minutes, then that email id and messages associated with that email id will be gone forever.

Go to 10 Minute Mail

5. Guerrilla MailMailinator alternatives - Guerilla Mail

It is another best alternative to Mailinator that does not require any sign-up or password. You will get a random email ID and you can edit it according to what fits you best and can also choose from 11 domain addresses if your domain name gets blocked on any website.

Your email address does not have an expiry date, but your messages do. Your messages will automatically get deleted after an hour because anyone who has your address can access your inbox. The interface of this website is a little different so if you need the steps to operate then press the “WTF?” button on the screen.

Go to Guerrilla Mail


You can use its service in four different languages. When you reach the home page, you just have to press START HERE and you are good to go from there. if you want to access your inbox later, make sure you copy the link to the inbox because every random email address provided by this website comes with a unique ID that only you have so no one can access that address even if they know your email id. All the messages in your inbox will be deleted after 24 hours of inactivity. You can create multiple email IDs and access their inbox simultaneously.

Go to website

7. NadaNada

Nada is as simple as it gets when it comes to using a temporary email service. As soon as you open the website you will have your inbox and a working email address ready to use.  Add multiple inboxes in case you need more addresses. The first address is a random one but when you add another inbox then you can customize it and choose the desired domain name. Your messages will be deleted after 7 days but your mailbox will not. Nada will notify you one month prior to shutting down your domain. It also provides a Google Chrome plugin.

Go to Nada

8. Mint Emailmint email

You will get a fresh address as soon as you visit the website. It is possible to either copy and start using the address provided to you by the website or make your own custom address. You don’t even have to click to get your temporary email address once you open their website. This website constantly checks for your new emails and instantly tells you if there is a new message you received. You can also use their bookmark option to add it to your bookmark section.

Go to Mint Email

9. 33Mail33Mail

It is a completely different kind of service compared to others on this list. First, you will have to sign up and provide your personal email address. Then, you need to create a username for your temporary email address. For example, [email protected]. Now whenever you visit a new website and they ask you for an email address, you don’t have to give out your personal one just give the 33Mail one.

This way they will not know your personal email address and all the emails that are sent to [email protected] will be forwarded to your personal email address. If you don’t want to receive further emails from that website, then 33 mail will block them for you. You can even reply to those via 33mail without revealing your actual email address.

Go to 33Mail

Just like other platforms, it also provides you with a temporary email address without the hassle of signing up. Just type any username you want and choose from over 20 domain names and log-in to start using your inbox. It supports 7 different languages. You can log in into your email address anytime as long as you remember it, and any emails sent to that temporary email address will be available for 30 days.

Go to website

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So next time you register on a new website and you don’t want to provide your personal email address to them and more importantly, if you don’t want your inbox flooded with their spam and unnecessary newsletters then consider using one of the alternative platforms of Mailinator. Some websites may rule out your email id as invalid,
In that case, try generating it from other platforms until it gets accepted.

IMPORTANT: Email addresses provided by these services and messages in their inboxes are for a limited period so don’t expect them to be available down the road. Also, I don’t recommend you to use them for official purposes or for any important work.

If you have any other recommendations then mention them in the comments section below.

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