iOS 9 Announced : Top 9 Features, Release Date and Compatibility

Much awaited iOS 9 was finally announced on June 9th, 2015 at WWDC 2015(Apple Worldwide Developers Conference).With the looks of it, we believe that iOS 9 is going to be the best ever iOS release with a lot of exciting and new features. Definitely iOS 9 will make iPhone much more valuable than just the phone with a few features. In this article we will be mentioning the top 10 new features or improvements made in iOS 9, for what all iOS devices iOS 9 is compatible with and iOS 9 release date.

iOS 9 Features

1. Proactive 

This new feature in iOS 9 will act as your Personal Assistant and is so powerful that it will learn from your daily routine habits and suggests you with Apps or Contacts based on the situation. To make it clear take an example, suppose there is a contact to whom you make a call daily at a particular time then Proactive will provide you with a bubble with the link to that contact in order to make a call with single tap. Similarly Proactive works for an app which you might use daily at particular time of  the day.This way Proactive learns from you and starts being proactive and reminds you of things which you may have forgotten but they are part of your daily routine.

Really useful and amazing feature! If you have an appointment in your iOS calendar, with Proactive your iPhone will give you a reminder about when to leave from a particular location depending on local traffic conditions on that route to reach on time as shown below.

iOS 9 Features, release date and compatibility
Proactive gives a notification to leave for a meeting

2. Multitasking

iOS users have been waiting desperately for Multitasking feature to be available. iOS 9 will include Multitasking. However, iPhone users will have to wait a bit more to have this feature as multitasking is only compatible with iPad as of now.

With iOS 9 on your iPad two applications can be viewed on the same screen. This can be done by sliding inwards from right side and selecting the other app to be viewed. However, in today’s world this cannot be termed as full form of multitasking as the app from side screen disappears as soon as you tap or start working on the main app. In other words you cannot work on both apps at the same time.

However, on iPad Air 2 with iOS 9 full multitasking feature is included where you can view, interact and work on two different apps at the same time and both the apps remain active.

iOS 9 Features, release date and compatibility
Using Safari and Notes at the same time

3. News App

As with iOS 8 Apps like Health and iBooks were launched to be as a part of iOS, similarly iOS 9 will include a new iOS built in News App. The News App can be used to get articles based upon the categories and sources you choose. However, News App similar to Proactive feature learns about your interests based on your activities and also provides you with news or articles based on your interests even though news might belong to the source which you have not chosen. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning put to Work!

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4. Updated Notes App

iOS users can stop using third party iOS App like Evernote to an extent as Notes App which comes with iOS is improved with a few useful features in iOS 9.

Now you can prepare TO-DO lists with Notes App. Moreover, user can scribble in notes, useful when you quickly want to draw a sketch with some information.

iOS 9 Features, release date and compatibility
iOS 9 Notes App

5. Updated Maps App

From iOS 9 Apple Maps will support detailed locations like it will show public transport directions to the destination from your location with all the details of buses, trains available to reach the destination. Moreover, Maps will also show Enter and Exit points in an Airport, Hotel or a railway station.


6. Improvements in Keyboard 

One of the issues which was reported by many iOS users that it is difficult tell the difference whether Shift Key is On or Off. It is absolutely unclear and many users complained about the same. With iOS 9 the issue is fixed. The issue is not addressed by changing the color of Shift key as in other smartphone platforms rather depending on Shift being ON or OFF the characters will switch to Upper case or Lower Case respectively as shown below.

iOS 9 features, release date and compatibility
iOS 9 New Keyboard with improvements

Apart from the issue fixed with Shift key there are few new features added to the Keyboard like scissor which allows user to cut and paste and other formatting options. Also you can switch to cursor by double tapping on the keyboard and hold it for a few seconds. The cursor can be quite handy for highlighting a part of text.

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7.  Improved Battery Back Up

iOS 9 will provide a Low power mode which will allow to improve battery back up. iPhone 6 battery backup will improve by an hour with iOS 9 which is pretty impressive considering the features added up in iOS 9.

8. Update to Health App

Health App with iOS 9 will also start monitoring your water intake and exposure to UV apart from walking + running distance, flights climbed etc. 

9. Apple Pay

Apple Pay will be coming to UK with iOS 9 and will be accepted at 250,000 locations around UK. It will support American Express cards, Visa and Master card issued by eight UK banks.

Highlight – Now transfer data from Android to iPhone

Now you can transfer data from an Android phone to iPhone. This will be possible with the help of an App called “Move to iOS”. This inclusion will solve many problems as users face a lot of problems when switching to iPhone from Android while transferring contacts, Music, Videos etc. With the help of this App users can transfer there data from Android to iPhone from iOS 9.

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iOS 9 Release Date

iOS 9 beta version is made available to iOS App developers right away. However, iOS 9 will be launched to public this fall in September 2015.

iOS 9 Compatible Devices

iOS 9 will be compatible with following devices :


iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6
iPhone 5S
iPhone 5C
iPhone 5
iPhone 4S


iPad Air 2
iPad Air
iPad 4
iPad 3
iPad 2

iPad Mini 3
iPad Mini 2
iPad Mini


iPod Touch 5G

These were the key features and improvements which will come with iOS 9. It is punishing really to know about such amazing features and having to wait in order to eventually use them. But it is guaranteed that wait is worth it! Which iOS 9 feature did you like the most?

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