How To Increase RAM Using Hard Drive For Free

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It sometimes happens that your system starts to work slow because the RAM is not sufficient to run the tasks. And that is when things get really frustrating, especially when you are doing something important and want a quick solution to this problem. Well, you’ll be happy to know that in such cases, you can always use the hard drive on your PC and even a pen drive to act as Virtual RAM. By this, the computer will utilize the space allocated in the hard drive/pen drive to run as RAM and perform the tasks using its memory. This will give a little boost to the performance of your PC.

So if you want to opt this method, then sit tight because we’re going to guide you through the entire process which will help you to increase RAM using Hard Drive.

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Increase RAM Using Hard Drive For Boosting Performance

The steps and method for using the hard drive as RAM are similar across different versions of Windows like 7, 8, 8.1 and even 10. So, go ahead and utilize the free space by turning it into RAM. Also, before setting the hard disk as RAM or Virtual memory, make sure it has sufficient space.

1. Head to My Computer on the desktop and click the right button on the mouse and select Properties.

Computer Properties

Or head over to Control Panel > System.

how to use hard disk as RAM

2. In this System windows, on the left side panel, select Advanced System Settings.

how to use hard disk as ram on windows

3. Now a pop-up window will appear, go to the Advanced tab and here select Settings under the Performance option.

increase RAM using Hard Drive

4. Next Performance Options menu will appear and again you have to select the Advanced tab and then select Change.

use hard disk as RAM in Windows

5. After this, you will see the Virtual memory settings, uncheck the box at the top of this window saying ‘Automatically manage paging file size for all drives‘.

increase RAM using Hard Drive

6. This will unlock the rest of the options below. Now, all you have to do is select the desired hard drive in order to make it as a Virtual RAM. You can also use the custom size you want to be used in that drive or select the option of System managed size. If you want to keep any drive from being used as Virtual memory then select the No paging option. After making the desired settings select Set.

Once all this is done, click OK, restart your PC and the settings you made will be saved. With this, you have successfully increased RAM in your PC using Hard disk providing a performance boost to your PC.

Use Pen Drive/Flash Drive As RAM

We agree that increasing RAM using Hard Drive can be a hectic process, especially without any guidance. But that isn’t the case if you want to use Pen Drive as Virtual RAM. You can very easily speed up the performance of your PC if you have any Pen/flash drive with you. And this is possible because of the ReadyBoost feature, which was introduced with Windows Vista. But you can use this feature in Windows 7, 8, and 10. So, let’s see how.

1. First, get your pen drive and plug that into the USB port of your laptop/PC.

2. And before doing anything, you have to make sure that your drive has been formatted. And if isn’t, then you can do that by going to My PC/Computer and right-clicking on the Pen Drive. After that, select the Format option and then click on Start.

format pen drive

3. Now, after you’re done formatting the drive, right-click on the Flash Drive and select Properties.

4. In the properties, click on ReadyBoost tab.

open readyboost tab

Note: If you enabled autoplay, then you’ll see an option by the name “Speed Up My System” with other options in the autoplay window. And that option will automatically take you to the ReadyBoost tab.

speed up system using readyboost

4. Here, you’ll have to select the “Use this device” option and set the memory bar to its maximum limit to utilize most of its memory. Then, click on OK and apply the changes.

use pen drive as RAM

That’s it. You’ll see that the performance of your PC has been enhanced. And when you’ll go to My PC/Computer, then you’ll see that the same amount of memory you are using as RAM, will be utilized by the pen drive.

memory usage of pen drive as RAM

Now, if you are using the pen drive as Virtual RAM for your PC, then be careful that you don’t take out the pen drive. Because the pen drive is being used as the RAM, and plugging it off can make your system crash. So before doing that, be sure that you stop using the pen drive as your RAM. And to do that, just to go to the ReadyBoost tab in pen drive’s properties and select the ‘Do not use this device‘ option.

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Wrapping Up

Not having enough memory on your PC for multitasking is surely a setback. And this could impact your overall experience with the PC while also affecting the work you’re trying to do. So if you can’t spend money to increase your RAM, then increasing RAM using Hard Drive is your best shot. But if you can spend some bucks and doing multitasking with heavy apps is a daily thing for you, then we would recommend that you increase your RAM.

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