How to make a laptop WiFi Hotspot

Why to buy a WiFi router when you have such a technology around you, which can turn your Windows laptop to a WiFi Hotspot for free. Recently I bought an internet dongle from an internet service provider, he gave me two options, either to go for a WiFi dongle (which can serve internet to other wireless devices) or non- WiFi dongle. WiFi dongle was costing 800 bucks more. So I thought why not make my own laptop as WiFi Hotspot using free WiFi Hotspot software’s available online and save 800 bucks. But how to make a laptop WiFi hotspot is today I am sharing with you.

How to make a laptop WiFi Hotspot

It’s very simple to make a laptop WiFi hotspot, just follow the simple steps given below.

Step 1) First of all you will be needing a free WiFi Hotspot software to turn your laptop to a WiFi hotspot. There are various WiFi Hotspot software’s available for free, but I prefer Virtual WiFi Router software because it’s very simple to setup.

You can download software for WiFi Hotspot from here. Click on download button next to the Virtual WiFi Router.

Step 2) After downloading, install the software by accepting the terms & conditions.

Step 3) After installation open the Virtual WiFi Router. As you can see it comes with the default WiFi name as WiFi Hotspot and password as “123456789” (you can see it by unchecking the hide check-box) which you can change to your desired name and password to make your WiFi Hotspot for laptop safe and secure.

Make a laptop WiFi Hotspot - setup
WiFi Hotspot – setup


Note: If after installation of the WiFi Hotspot software (Virtual WiFi Router), it is not opening and showing the error for .Net Framework v4.0 (or other versions). Then you need to install the .Net framework to make the WiFi Hotspot software work. Its very simple, just go to the below link and install, it will take only 5 minutes.

Install .Net Framework.

Step 4) Share Net From

Actually, it means from where you want to share the net to serve WiFi to other devices (simply means use this internet source to serve WiFi to other devices). Like I have selected my dongle ”MTS Internet” similarly you can choose your available internet source.

Make a laptop WiFi Hotspot - Share net from
WiFi Hotspot – Share Net

Step 5) Set Maximum Peers

Here you have to set maximum peers, it means how many devices you want to get connected to the WiFi Hotspot you have made from your laptop.

Make a laptop WiFi Hotspot - maximum peers
WiFi Hotspot – Maximum Peers

Step 6) Now click on Start button and you are done. Congrats you have made your laptop as a WiFi Hotspot. Now let your other WiFi devices get connected to your laptop.

Make a laptop WiFi Hotspot - start
WiFi Hotspot – Start

Now I am also using WiFi on my other devices and have updated my lumia phone too. Make use of the technology and you can save money as I did.


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