How To Create Multiboot USB Drive On Windows

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As we already know, there are softwares and applications with help of which we can create bootable USB flash drives. Software like UNetbootin and a few others are the perfect example of it. Creating bootable USB drives comes in handy as you just have to plug it to your system and install the given OS from that drive. It can also be useful when you face any system failure and you have to reinstall the OS again.

But what if you can add multiple ISO files for different OS into a single USB stick. Yes, that is possible. These multiboot drives are good for Linux users as there are various versions for it, each with different features. Or you may like to operate different Windows OS from time to time. You can do it with the help of software that will let you create multiboot USB drives. Here we will show you two of the best softwares and the methods of how to create a USB drive with multiple ISO files using them.

How To Create Multiboot USB Drives

1. Using Xboot

  1. The first application that we are going to use for creating multiboot flash drives is Xboot which you can download from the following website for free.
  2. Once the software is downloaded extract the folder and open Xboot and you will see the main interface of the application.
  3. Now you just have to add your desired ISO files by dragging and dropping them to the place marked on the image.Make multiboot USB drives with two iso files
  4. After this, you have to select create USB to start the process of making multiboot USB drive.
  5. Now on the pop-up menu select the USB drive which you have to make as multi-bootable. After that, select the bootloader and then click on OK. This will start the process and show you the progress bar, once it’s complete your multiboot USB disk will be ready.


You can also create multiboot disks CD/DVD or edit any other multiboot USB drive using this software.

2. Using WinSetupFromUSB

  1.  Another tool for creating multiboot USB drive is WinSetupFromUSB that you can download for free. Once the file is downloaded extract it and then open either the 32 or 64-bit setups as per your system OS.
  2. As the application will open, select the USB drive from the drop-down menu, then checkmark the box under it i.e Auto format and then select FAT 32. This is the process for adding the first ISO file to the USB drive.
    multiboot USB drive - winsetupfromUSB
  3. Then click on the Advanced options on the bottom of the application. In this option check the box for Custom folder and menu name as shown.multiple ISO files in single USb
  4. After this, it is time to add the ISO files. Tick mark on the desired OS formats under the Add to USB disk option where it is Windows Vista/7/8/10. Then select the ISO file for the same.create multiboot usb
  5. Now once you have selected the ISO file, click on GO and the tool will start the process of making the bootable USB.
  6. For adding multiple OS files, you have to repeat the same steps i.e. tick mark the desired OS and add ISO file for that and hit GO.

Note: You can add multiple ISO files of the same bit i.e. You cannot add one 32-bit OS and one 64-bit OS as it will not support and show an error.

Final Words

Both the tools are easy to use and will create multiboot USB drives with multiple ISO files in just a few minutes or maybe more if the ISO files are large. Apart from these, you can also use YUMI multiboot creator to add multiple ISO files in a single USB or Flash drive.

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