How To Block A Buyer On eBay

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eBay is an online ground where sellers bring their products to the table and interested buyers can buy or place bids on those products. These buyers and sellers can be from any part of the world. So we can say that there are absolutely no boundaries when it comes to trading on eCommerce websites like eBay.

But the thing is that sometimes you find some people on eBay who are not really worth your time. Especially if you’re a seller, you find a lot of buyers who just constantly try to sabotage your auction by spamming. And for this same reason along with multiple others, you should know how to block a buyer on eBay. And we’re here to tell you how you can do that. So, sit tight with us on this learning ride.

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Block A Buyer On eBay

There are basically 2 ways by which you can block a buyer on eBay:-

eBay User ID: In first, you can manually add the user ID of each and every buyer in the Block List. This method is most helpful if a certain buyer is troubling you and you want to only get rid of him.

Buyer Requirements: However, in this method, you can automatically block a certain section of people by changing your Buyer Requirements. For instance, you can block all those buyers from participating in your bids who have a negative feedback score.

Method 1 – eBay User ID

Blocking users through eBay user ID is pretty easy and can be done within minutes. All you have to do is navigate to the Blocked Bidder/Buyer List. And after you get there, you just have to type in the user ID or the email of the person you want to block in the provided box. You can add multiple user IDs/emails in the box by separating them using commas. Finally, you can save your list by clicking on the ‘Submit‘ option.

block buyer on ebay

Note: You can add up to a maximum of 5000 members in the eBay Blocked Bidder/Buyer List.

Method 2 – Buyer Requirements

If you are a seller from the US and you ship your products there only, then getting orders/bids from people who are not residing in that country can be irritating. So, when you want to block people who don’t fulfill a certain condition, you can make use of Buyer Requirements. That way, you can direct your exposure towards people who can actually be your potential customers.

To follow this method, you have to be on the Buyer Requirements page; after logging in one more time to your eBay account. On that page, you’ll see various conditions or requirements that you can impose as a seller. Just check the requirement as per your need and click on Submit. From then onwards, people who don’t fulfill your requirements will automatically be blocked from purchasing or bidding on your product.

ebay buyer requirements

Note: The blocked users will still be able to see your listings. The only thing that’ll change is their ability to buy or bid on your products.

How To Exempt A Buyer From The Buyer Requirements?

Now, it may be that you want some users to be able to buy your product even though they are blocked due to some buyer requirements. Well, in that case, you can put up their user ID/email address in the Buyer Requirements exemption list

exemption from ebay buyer requirements

Can Blocked eBay Buyers Send Messages?

You might think that blocked eBay buyers will not be able to send you(seller) any messages. But that isn’t the case. By default, the blocked users will still be able to send messages to sellers.

However, you can change that by going to the Buyer Requirements page. At the bottom of that page, you’ll see the ‘Don’t allow the blocked buyers to contact me’ option. Just select that option and you’re done. You won’t be troubled by the blocked buyers again.

stop blocked ebay buyers from sending messages(Note: The buyers can still message you if you have an ongoing transaction with them.)

How To Unblock A Buyer On eBay?

Are you getting sensitive due to constant unblock requests from some users? Well, as Lewis B. Smedes once said, “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”

So, you can also follow that by unblocking those buyers on eBay. And to do that, you just have to go back to the Blocked Bidder/Buyer List. Then, you have to find the user ID/email of the user you want to unblock and erase it from the list. Do remember that you have to ‘Submit‘ your list to reflect the changes.

How To Restore An Old Blocked List?

Have you messed up your block list by mistakingly adding/removing certain buyers from the list? Well, don’t worry, because you can easily restore an old eBay buyer block list.

To do that, you have to be on the ‘Block Bidder/Buyer list’ where you’ll see the Restore list option.

restore ebay block list

After you click on that option, you’ll see a number of your past block list based on how many times you’ve modified it. Just find the date to which you want to go back to and click on the ‘View List’ option. (Note: You can also restore the list straight away by selecting it and then clicking on the Restore option at the bottom.)

view old block list

Finally, you’ll see the details of your list for the date you’ve selected along with a Restore option at the bottom. Just click on it to restore your past block list.

restore list

Note: The list you’re trying to restore can’t be more than 3 months old.

Can Blocked Buyer Leave Feedback?

Feedbacks are meant to let other buyers know how the product or the customer service of the seller actually is. So, even after getting blocked, the buyers can still leave feedback. Although, that isn’t the case with buyers who lost the unpaid item case or have canceled their purchase order. This means that only in those conditions the buyers are prevented from leaving any feedback.

Blocking A Buyer On eBay – A Suggestion Before You Leave

Sometimes you have to block someone even though you absolutely hate it. But it’s always better to give someone a chance before actually doing it. That is because getting carried away and losing a customer is not a good business strategy. And don’t ever block a buyer just because they gave you a bad review. Because if their review was honest, then you’re only making it worse by blocking them.

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