Vimeo Alternatives: 7 Top Video Sharing Sites

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If Vimeo is not as attractive as it once was, then you’re surely on the hunt for more options. You’re not alone; many users are looking for all kinds of Vimeo alternatives so they can finally try something new.

Why Do you Need Vimeo Alternatives?

You’ll be surprised that there are some interesting Vimeo alternatives out there. The one you choose will obviously depend on what you want to use the video platform for. Maybe you need a video sharing platform that needs to have certain features you need to create videos for your business. If Vimeo just doesn’t have what you need, maybe the following options will.

1. Vzaar

Vzaar: Alternative To Vimeo

With Vzaar you get video player control branding. It’s a video platform for business, and you can try it for free to see if it’s what you’re looking for. All your videos are secure with Vzaar with its HTTPS embed code and privacy control.


  • It features Bulk uploading, a Dropbox uploader, customizable Video player, Multi-language subtitles, dual encoding and video looping.
  • It also has marketing features that you might find interesting such as Google Analytics, social sharing, video SEO, etc.


It would have been great if it had a video of what you can do with the app and not have to sign up to find out.


If Vzaar is what you need the plans start off at $20 a month. But, the most popular plan is the $60 one. It’s a good option if you need it for work, but don’t expect to find cute puppy videos to help pass the time.


2. Wistia

Vimeo Alternative: Wistia

Unlike the first option, Wistia does offer a video so you can get to the video platform better. Wistia is another video platform that was specifically created for businesses. Two things that make this video platform stand out from the competition is its marketing and analytics features.


  • You can add things such as newsletter signup forms directly to the videos you create. Measuring video efficiency is also possible thank to the heat maps that tell you which parts of your videos are the most popular.
  • Other features that you’ll like are video SEO, team collaboration, player control branding, simple embedding and sharing, optimized viewing according to bandwidth and more!


The Paid plans begin at $25 but it’s still on the expensive side. The video platform charges you based on how many videos you’ve uploaded.  If you’re also looking for a social media platform, this is the wrong option for you.

Website: Wistia

3. Viddler

Viddler: Top Video Sharing Sites

Viddler focuses on three things: digital publishing, corporate communications, and interactive training. Your viewers can interact with the video for marketing and training.  If your business needs to create large amounts of videos then this is a good option.


  • With Viddler, you can create interactive videos with buttons and other options.
  • You can also share your videos across multiple platforms and they can either be private or public.


This is a video platform for big corporations and it has an expensive price tag of $300 a month.

Website: Viddler

4. Daily Motion

Vimeo Alternatives: Daily Motion

If you’re just a normal user looking for a video platform where you can find videos you can enjoy then Daily Motion is a good choice. You won’t find fancy video editing features for your business but you will find millions of viewers for your videos.


  • It’s the number one video platform in Europe but it still gets a good amount of viewers from the US as well.
  • Daily Motions offers it’s users a lot of exposure and developer API.
  • You’ll also be happy to know that video uploads are free which is great if you’re just starting out. Daily Motion is completely free to use.


Not very useful if you’re running a business.

Website: Dailymotion

5. Flickr


I bet you didn’t expect this option on the list since Flickr is usually associated with pictures and not videos.It does have it’s video section even though it’s not as popular as other options on the list.


  • You can sign up for a free account
  • Uploading videos is as easy as uploading images
  • HD Video quality upload is available
  • 1TB memory for your videos
  • Pro accounts have unlimited storage space


  • Flickr video lacks more features when it comes to improving your videos.
  • Not as popular as other options on the list

Website: Flickr

6. Veoh

Veoh - Best Video Sharing Websites

Veoh is the ideal video platform for those who create very long videos. This is a great option if you need to create a video explaining something with great detail.


  • There is no limit as to how long your videos can be.
  • When you’re ready to upload your videos you’ll enjoy a smart user interface and great speed when uploading.


The downside is that it may not be as popular as the next option on the list but you won’t have to deal with unnecessary restrictions.

Website: Veoh

7. YouTube


I couldn’t finish the list and not add the most obvious Vimeo alternative.


  • YouTube is the best place to go if you want the biggest amount of exposure.
  • Your video can be seen by users in various languages and if you’re looking for fame, this is the video platform you need to use.


You have to be careful about the content you upload since YouTube is very strict when it comes to copywriting. Not just that, but your videos can’t have any offensive or anything offensive. Make sure to read YouTube’s rules on what you can and can’t upload.

Website: YouTube


Vimeo is a very popular video platform that often tempts you to share its content with others.

However, if you have had too much of it already, you have quite a few options similar to Vimeo to go with. The only problem you’re going to have now is deciding which one to go with. Which alternative do you think that you’re going to go with?

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