7 Best Sticky Notes For Windows To Note Down Daily Task

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Sticky Notes are personalized and a quick way of managing your tasks on your PC. You just have to write the routine, schedule or work that you have to do in near future and stick it to the desktop background. Every time you open your PC or visit the desktop all the notes that you have made will appear there. This way it becomes easy for you to remember what all you have to do in a day and manage the tasks accordingly. So, we bring you the best sticky notes for Windows which will increase productivity and improve your task management.

1. Evernote


Remember everything with Evernote. Evernote is a tool with which you can create notes and save your thoughts, tasks, ideas, URLs and almost anything you want to note down. You can create a notebook and save your notes under that. A notebook is for organizing different category of notes in one place. You can also add tags to your notes to remember the keyword for the task and to remember what was the task related to.

This tool is used by many top businesses and entrepreneurs. You can use it directly from their website but most of the PC users have already an application for it. You can also download a mobile application and sync notes with your account on Evernote.

Apart from this, you can also create an Evernote email. With this, you can directly send emails for tasks and notes directly into your Evernote account.

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2. Nevernote


An alternative for Evernote. In this, you can do everything that Evernote does. Create notes, tasks and save your ideas with Nevernote. You can download this sticky notes for Windows for free.

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3. Simple Sticky Notes

Simple sticky notes

Simple sticky notes are one of the best and the smallest paper sticky notes to manage your task in windows. All you have to do is open the notes and write whatever you want to make note of. You can change the color of the note beside the traditional yellow. It even has different font styles and sizes.

Make a notebook and add all the notes regarding a particular topic in one place. You can share your notes with your friends via facebook, twitter or any personal e-mail id. The good thing is you can add an alarm for a particular note and when the time comes the note will flash on your screen reminding you of that task.

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4. Stickies


This is the best alternative for simple sticky notes. Just like the above application, you will be able to write down the notes and tasks that you want to remember. It is very simple yet very useful.

At first, it looked like simple sticky notes, but as I explored it further I found it much better. You can select whether to display it on the desktop or above every window. No matter which window you open, it will display your notes. It has all the features like alarm, stacking groups and font option for texts just like the above tool. In addition to this, you can highlight any particular line or words for focusing on that task and add attachments to the note.

The best thing that I liked in the app is that you can see all the settings, stickies you have made and all the options in one window i.e properties. You can access it by clicking the right button of the mouse on the top of the sticky note. Then there at the last, you will find properties.

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5. NoteZilla


Yet another sticky notes to post your ideas, tasks etc on the desktop background of your PC. This application icon appears in the taskbar and you can access it from there. Like all other sticky notes, it will also serve the same purpose of writing down things you want to remember. You can also tag the note. Tagging the note will make the stickies appear above every window.

The thing that differs in this tool is that it has different kind of paper styles for notes. Like ruled paper, crumpled paper etc. You can add tags and save the notes on the memo board (like the notebook for Evernote) which has pre-named categories.

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6. Google Keep

Google keep logo

This is a web browser and cloud-based sticky notes tool. You can save the notes and information that you want, just like Evernote but on its website. With this tool, you can also add reminders for your notes and share it with other people via their email. You can also make a to-do list and mark the task as completed. It also allows adding images to make your note and ideas more optimized.

As it is a cloud-based system, you can update and see your notes from any device by logging in with your Gmail id.


7. Tom Boy


The last but not the least on the list is Tom Boy. This is another tool where you can write, organize and manage your ideas and day-to-day activity. Just like every other sticky note, this will help you in remembering and managing your tasks. You can add attachments for website, application, documents or folders. The stickies for the given attachment will open itself only when the corresponding attached item is opened.

One thing that I don’t like about this app is that it needs to be installed through the zip files which might not be easy for everyone.

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Best Sticky Notes For Windows: Stay Organised

A study has shown that people are more likely to respond or work more efficiently on the information on sticky notes rather than communication. With help of these sticky notes, you will be able to organize your work, write down important things and complete your daily tasks easily.

According to me, Evernote can be a little complicated to use sometimes but is best for businesses, college students and professionals. But there is no exception to using it. On another hand, if you are looking for just writing down important things and some day to day notes then Stickies is the best that I can suggest.

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