Benefits Of Audiobooks And Everything You Need To Know

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As the name suggests, Audiobooks are the audible books or talking books. It is the audio version of the books with a loud narration. The narrator may be an actor, author or a professional narrator. Even in our smartphone’s concept of Audiobooks is incorporated with the likes of Siri and Cortona. There are mainly two types of audiobooks in the market unabridged and abridged books.

Unabridged Audio Book: These books contain the exact content that is in the printed book. The books are narrated word by word and nothing is removed.

Abridged Audio Book: These books are shortened and do not contain the word by word narrations as according to printed books.

Nowadays, audiobooks are available in many formats in the market like Mp3 and other variations. In the past few years, cassettes were common and now CDs (Compact Discs) are popular. As a comparison to Cassettes, Mp3 is widely used as a compression technique which reduces the size of the books approximately by 80% or more. You only need a good media player application (for example Windows media player, VLC, MX player or any other third-party playback software) to play them on any PC, tablets or Smartphone.

Why Are Audiobooks Gaining Popularity?

Audiobooks have become popular in the past 20 years. Here a question arises i.e. what are the reasons that audiobooks are becoming more and more popular these days? And the answer is very simple, Audiobooks are seen as the avenue for education and self-improvement, rather than entertainment this is the main reason behind the popularity of the talking books.

It is said that the information in auditory format helps to improve the learning because the human has the tendency to memorize audios faster, for example,e people can easily memorize the songs’ lyrics but it takes the time to memorize the text. Hence audiobooks are really important for enhancing the learning experience.

Here is a chart where the growth of audio books from the year 2007 to 2014 is shown. The number of audiobooks in the year 2007 was 3087 which after few years reached to 30000.  There are lots of benefits of using the audiobooks from each and every perspective that is why the growth in this sector is huge.

Audiobooks Benefits

Benefits Of Audiobooks

Many people prefer audio over text and if you are one of them, audiobooks are for you. There are loads of benefits to stream audiobooks. Few of them are as follows:

1. Easy Multitasking

It is convenient to listen to audiobooks as it is best suited for the busy lifestyle of modern people. Audiobooks extend the literacy time because you can listen to all your favorite books anytime anywhere while you are driving, walking, falling asleep, taking exercise, doing household work or waiting at doctor’s clinic.

It is the most convenient method of all time, you can stream audiobooks on your mp3 player, iPod, Smartphone, and computer or in the car. Unlike textbooks, we don’t have to worry about being fully present at the time of reading. It is easy to learn regardless of time, location and noise level.

Benefits of Audiobooks

2. Affordable

There are many audiobook clubs like Amazon Audible , Audiobooks Now, simply audiobooks and so on where you can download and rent unlimited books at a very low cost. Unlike textbooks, no shipping cost is involved here which is the best part of audiobooks. You need a smartphone or a digital device and that’s it, no need to go to the bookstores for purchasing the books simply go for audiobook downloads.

There are many apps in the market for the same purpose which categorizes the books according to the type of thriller novel, education etc. The categorization helps you to easily search and find the book you desire.

3. Better Memory

There is no proper evidence saying that reading is better than listening but reading is said to be an ineffective way of processing information. If audio books and paperback books are combined, you can find the best of them both. If you read a book and then stream an audiobook version of the same book, it will help you to retain and reinforce much and more information.

4. Fast Learning

It takes the time to read a whole book having hundreds of chapters but if you are listening to the audiobook of the same version, you have an alternative. You can stream audiobooks at the speed of 1.5x or more for getting the lots of information and saving time.

5. Easy Storage

Unlike paperback books, audiobooks do not cover physical space. You can download audiobooks and store audiobooks on your devices for the indefinite period of times. Now, you don’t have to worry about keeping the books safely.

6. Best Learning Tool

One can easily improve one’s vocabulary, pronunciation, and skills by listening to the audiobooks. You can surely by listening to the native speech patterns and clear pronunciation to help improve your language. It helps you to understand the unfamiliar dialects and accents. You start understanding the complex languages and the enunciation, punctuation and so on which brings the important skills for life.

7. Serves the people with Special Needs

Streaming Audiobooks is a good way for the people with special needs like vision impairments, learning delays, sensory integration issues and so on. For blind people and dyslexics, audiobooks are fantastic innovation. For those who are suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder finds listening more distraction-free than reading.

8. Effective Method of Learning

There are many subjects which you can learn more efficiently by listening rather than reading like biographies, history, and conceptual books. Streaming Audiobooks is more exciting, effective and entertaining as well which ultimately leads to the relaxation of the mind. Several times, you find that a book content is hard to read. In this situation, just go for the audiobook version of the same book and start learning. You will find that is the most effective method.

9. Audiobooks are uplifting in nature. It is always better to listen to the motivational thoughts rather than reading them because it gives a sense of motivation to do the great things. It uplifts your soul spirit.

10. Audiobooks are the boon for the people who have eyesight problem and or have strain due to reading for long hours. You don’t need to force yourself to be physically present while listening, unlike paperback books. Just close your eyes and enjoy the book with your headphone.

11. Many Audiobooks are dictated by the authors themselves and no one is better than the person who has penned down the book. The author knows the kind of sensory setting while writing a part of the book. While reading by yourself, this slightest pinch of sarcasm and subtle humor is missed hence the audiobooks are better way to grasp the whole concept.

Where To Get Audiobooks?

Some companies like Amazon Audible  and AudiobooksNow etc. are the proof that there is a huge market for audiobooks in this digital age. Both of them have 30 days free trial with a free audiobook as well. Amazon Audible  is an Amazon product and has iOS and Android apps too.

Audible Premium Plus

Audiobooks have become the mainstream, you can check the AudiobooksNow store to stream audiobooks. The future of audiobooks is more predictable because in the past 20 years the exponential growth in the sector says it all.

Due to the lots of benefits of streaming audiobooks, authors have started to release the paperback books with its audiobook version. This revolution has just begun, there are lots of innovations going to take place in the near future. If you have not tried this new way of learning before, go for audiobooks and experience the differences.

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