How To Stop WhatsApp Backup On iPhone And Android In WhatsApp, Google Drive, iCloud, Or In Settings

How to stop WhatsApp backup

With WhatsApp being the go-to messaging app for over a billion users, it becomes imperative to take care of your privacy. Hackers can gain unauthorized access to the WhatsApp chats in your WhatsApp backup on iCloud or Google Drive. As the backup is not encrypted, anyone with access to your iCloud or Google Drive account … Read more

Learn How To Delete All Emails At Once On iPhone

Learn How To Delete All Emails At Once On iPhone

Here’s how to delete all the emails on your iPhone – open the Mail app and select inbox. Tap Edit then tap the first email to mark it. Swipe down until all are selected. Once they’re all selected, tap Trash at the bottom right corner to delete them. Have you ever wondered how to delete … Read more

7 Best YouTube Ad Blocker For Smartphones

Best YouTube Ad Blocker apps for Android and iOS

Ads try to show you things that you might be interested in buying. There are times when they actually show you something you want but that rarely happens. Ads are everywhere, even on YouTube. That can be annoying since all you want to do is watch your favorite videos and not ads. The good news … Read more

How To See What Someone Likes On Instagram In 4 Ways

View Someone's Liked Photos and Videos on Instagram

Here’s how to check what someone likes on Instagram: go to the person’s Instagram profile and tap Following to see the accounts they’re following. Click on one of the profiles and tap a random post to see if the person you’re researching has liked the post. Do you want to know what someone likes on … Read more

How To Delete Online Accounts When Someone Dies

how to delete online accounts when someone dies

When a person passes away, it gets very important to close all their online accounts including Google and social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram etc. You should completely remove all the accounts so that no one would be able to steal the data. The credentials of the accounts are not required in order to delete … Read more

How To Send Location On iMessage: Easy Step-By-Step Guide

Share Live Location in Messages on iPhone

If you’re an iPhone user, you’ve probably used the Messages app to communicate with your friends and family. Did you know that you can also send your location to them using Messages? It may come useful when you want your child to report their location and you do not want to use any spy apps … Read more

How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently With This Easy Method

How to Delete Gmail account permanently

Do you think you have one too many Gmail accounts? If yes, then you might be willing to get rid of a few of them. To help you in achieving that we will let you know how to delete Gmail account permanently in this tutorial. Don’t panic, you will still keep YouTube, Google Docs, Adwords, … Read more

How To Know If Someone Is Online On WhatsApp With These Whatsapp Online Notifiers

how to know when someone comes online on Whatsapp

Do you want to learn how to determine if someone is online on WhatsApp? WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging tools in the world, and it has tons of features that let people communicate with each other. However, one of the functions that the WhatsApp app lacks is the online status function. … Read more

How to Get an Unlimited Call Log on Android (Rooted/Non-Rooted)

Unlimited Call Log on Android

Use this tutorial to learn about ways to increase call log history on Android for rooted as well as non-rooted devices. Get call logs longer than 30 days by having unlimited call log on Android. Many Android users probably don’t know this, but your Android device will only save 500 incoming, outgoing and missed calls. … Read more