How To Hide Android Apps Without Root And Launcher

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Hiding apps has become a mandatory part of our smartphones. Whether the purpose is to hide WhatsApp, Facebook or any other app from children, family members or even from friends. Don’t want them to know that you are using a particular app, or just want to hide games from your children or maybe protect an app form that one friend who likes to snoop. Then follow this guide to know how to hide apps on Android phones in the easiest way possible.


After using several apps, this was the best one which I found. This app does not need rooting and it is not even a launcher.

Install this app from the Play Store.

Hide Android Apps Using PrivateMe App.

Step 1)

After installing, open the app from the menu. The app will prompt you to either continue with ads or get rid of ads by upgrading to the premium version.

Private Me- Upgrade

After this step, a pop-up message will be displayed informing its users about the app’s security and safety.

Private Me- Message

Step 2)

Tap on plus(+) icon on the top right corner of the app. This step will lead you to the next screen to add apps which you want to hide.

Private me- plus icon

Another prompt message will be displayed guiding you on how to hide apps using PrivateMe.

Private Me- info message

Step 3)

Browse and tap on the app which you want to hide. I have selected Blogger app as an example for this tutorial.

Private Me- select app to hide

After touching on the app icon, the loading screen will come up showing the status of the app being created in PrivacyHider.

Private Me- loading

Now you can either choose Done to exit or Open to open the same app.

Step 4)

Minimise the PrivateMe app and head over to the app which you have just created in the PrivacyHider. Uninstall that app so that it won’t be visible for other users on the menu.

Step 5)

Open the PrivateMe app again and go to My Application section. Tap on the app which you have successfully hidden and you can start using it just like always.

Private me- How to hide apps on Android without rooting and launcher

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Final Words

These were the simple and easy steps to hide Android apps without Launcher and even without rooting the Android phone. It is a great app and you can also upgrade to the premium version to remove ads and have access to an unlimited number of hidden apps.

Do let us know if you face any kind of issues while using this app.

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