Method To Apply Bokeh Effect In Smartphones

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There were many scenarios where I didn’t get the proper attention to my subject in the photographs I have taken. And believe me, I know the pain. Everyone loves those bokeh shots where foreground or subject is in focus while the rest of the background is slightly blurred. And if you somehow messed up that bokeh shot, then need not to worry. Just follow this tutorial to apply bokeh effect in Android and iPhone using an app.


It is a free photo blur app and also one of the best photo editing apps out there, download it from Play Store (here) or App Store (here) and sign up or sign in with email or Facebook account.

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Apply Bokeh Effect To Photos In Android And iPhone

Step 1.

Open the PicsArt from the menu and tap on Plus “+” icon located at the bottom of the app. This will lead to a screen where you either click a photo using a camera or simply select one of the images from your gallery.

PicsArt- Add image

Step 2.

Once you have selected the image, click on fx effects tab in the bottom part of the screen. This will open some inbuilt filters and effects which you can apply to the image.

PicsArt- FX

Select Blur Filter and Blur effect as well. After selecting a blur, the whole image will be blurred automatically.

PicsArt- Blur

Step 3.

Now tap on the Eraser icon on top of the app. Now simply move your fingers on those parts of the image which you want to remain in focus. For this example, I am going to make sure that the chair remains in focus and the rest image is blurred.

PicsArt- Eraser

Don’t worry if you screw up. You can always add blur manually by selecting the brush icon. Once satisfied, tap on the right icon on the top right corner.

PicsArt- brush and right tick

Step 4.

In this step, you can manipulate the intensity of the blur and fade. My advice would be to not overdo it because it can make your image look fake and silly.

PicsArt- Blur Intensity

If satisfied with the intensity and fade settings, then again click on the right icon on the top to proceed further.

Step 5.

Tap on the forward direction icon to save or share the edited image. Selected the appropriate option and there you go.

PicsArt- How to Blur Image background in android

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These were the simple steps to blur image background in Android and iOS. Hope this was easy. And there are a lot of other features which you can use in PicsArt. Let us know if you have any queries.

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