FamiSafe Review: Ensure Your Kids Safety And Well-Being Anywhere Your Kids Go

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In today’s world it’s hard to trust anyone or anything and when it comes to your family then you definitely don’t want to take their safety for granted.

As a parent, you always think about the right thing for your child no matter how hard it is for you so that they can make their future bright.

You may have come across situations where your child is out somewhere and is not home by their usual time and you start to worry sick whether they are in the right place or have wandered to an unknown world that might not be good for them.

Ever had the feeling that whether the smartphones that they demanded are doing them bad instead of helping them to nurture their developing minds?

Well, we bring you quite a perfect way to see whether they are up to something good or are going in the wrong direction. FamiSafe will help you to monitor your kids’ time spent, activity on their phones and keep a check on their whereabouts.

The perfect way to have your kids back regardless of whatever they are going through.

FamiSafe allows you to monitor your children’s smartphone activity and their locations using it. Make sure that they are at the right place at right time doing the right things. Contrary to some other apps that can monitor phones, this app is dedicated to kids who are under the age of 18.

Let’s dive into the FamiSafe review.

FamiSafe Key Features Review

Real-time Locations

FamiSafe lets you have information about your child’s current location with accurate mapping and current battery percentage.

You can check the Location History for places that they visit most often. It is also possible to create Geo-fences for any desired locations and get notified whenever they enter or leave that place.

real time location

Smart Schedules

You can set the timings for the usage of the devices. Time duration, location and date or day it is to be blocked. Once you set a smart schedule the device will block automatically depending on your desired settings.

Smart schedule - FamiSafe

Screen Time

With screen time you can know the time for which the screen of the target smartphone has been active.

Screen time - FamiSafe Features

You can also set the time limit of the screen using the Set screen time limit option. For e.g., if you set the time for 10 minutes then the child won’t be allowed to use any app after 10 minutes.

Screen Time Limit On Kids Phone
Target Device

App Blocker

This feature gives you the power to decide which app the child is allowed to use and which not. Set the timers for how long you don’t want them to use the app. In case your child tries to run a blocked app you will be notified immediately.

app usage - FamiSafe

The app will not open on the kid’s device. A message will pop on their screen that your parents don’t want you to use that app currently.

App Blocked on Child Smartphone
Kids Phone

Due to security reason, iPhone does not provide better app blocking but the ones that can be blocked will completely hide from the target iOS device while they are restricted from being used.

Web Filter

It can help you stop the kid from using unnecessary sites. Whether you want to keep your child away from adult contents or illegal things it got you covered. You can also make exceptions for certain sites by providing the URL for the site and marking whether to block or allow it.

web filter

Browser History

To keep an eye on what the kid is surfing through the internet you can also check the browser history. This service is available only for Android devices.

browser history

Activity Report

This will provide you a brief detail about which app and for how long it is used, unfortunately, its also for Android only.

activity report

In order to use all of its features, you have to buy premium subscriptions.

FamiSafe Installation and Setup

This app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

For Parents device

  1. Install the app from Play Store or App Store and open it.
  2. Sign up with your email id and set your password in order for future log in.
  3. Then you will get some quick information about its usage. You can swipe to see or tap on Skip to continue.
  4. After this tap on Start and it will let you choose who is using the device. Tap on the Parent from the device which it will monitor.FamiSafe Installation
  5. At last select which platform your kid’s smartphone is Android or iOS. After this, get your kids device.

For Kids or Target Device

Just remember you have to sign in with the same FamiSafe account that you created on your device above.

All the methods are almost the same as above except for the 4 steps.

Rather than selecting Parent just tap on Kid for the device which is to be monitored. Enter nickname and age. Allow all the requested permissions asked by the app for smooth monitoring. That’s it now the device is ready to be monitored.

FamiSafe User Interface And Usage Review

In order to track the activity of the target phone simply open the FamiSafe app.

You will see the dashboard where 4 tabs for its various feature would be there at the bottom. At first, the home icon will show you the current location on the Google Map with the battery percentage and the last time it was there.

FamiSafe User Interface

The second option (list icon) will show you features like Location, History, Geofences, Web filters, etc. tap on the respective option to explore what it can do. The third option contains notifications regarding the usage of the target device. Fourth and the last option provides your account settings, devices that are connected and few other options regarding the app. With its simple UI, you would be able to navigate through the features without any difficulty.


While you can use a free 3-day trial, but there are in-app purchases that could be made in order to use its full features.

The subscription could be made for a period of 1 month, 3 months, or a whole year. Choose what suits you the best.

If you need a free parental solution, go to this blog where we collected a list of them.

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Pros and Cons


  • Real-time location with location history
  • Battery percentage
  • Monitor unlimited devices
  • Block any negative content
  • Regulate device usage times
  • Manage apps usage


  • Only 3-day trial with limitations
  • No option to track calls details or messages

Given the cons of FamiSafe, you may need to learn about more ways to block adult content. If so, read this post about how to block adult content on Android.

FamiSafe Review: Final Thoughts

Well, it would be ok to say that the app is really great, you will definitely be able to control your child’s actions and be up to date with their whereabouts which is certainly a major thing.

To me, the app would have been more good if it allowed you to check the call details and messages also. With children, it’s hard because you don’t know whether they are in contact with the wrong person or not.

It’s especially true about social media and online chats and FamiSafe is great with that.

Though there are some features you won’t be able to track for iOS target devices as compared to Android but apart from that it definitely is an app worth downloading and paying for.

There was a line in a movie -“Parenting is difficult but if done right it could be a heroic job”, let FamiSafe help you achieve that and ensure the safety of your kids.

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