Top 7 Sites And Apps Like Pinterest To Discover Amazing Content

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If you love images and GIFs then you certainly would have come across Pinterest. It allows you to explore ideas through Images, GIFs, and Videos.

But due to some reasons like the login failure, network error or unable to open on the browser,  you can’t access information from Pinterest. Then for a change, you need to switch your way of exploring ideas.

Today we bring you 7 best sites and apps like Pinterest, which would definitely provide you with as much equal information and maybe much more.

Best Pinterest Alternatives

1. Tumblr

tumblr - apps like Pinterest

If you are fond of fashion, TV shows, links, dumb jokes, smart jokes, Spotify tracks, MP3s, videos, fashion, art etc. then Tumblr can be just the place for you.

To have the perfect view of all your favorite categories listed above and many more you just have to sign up on Tumblr. All you have to do is to select or search for the blogs which you would like to follow and get the information from.

You can also post anything like Text, Links, Quotes, Audio, Video or even start a chat with your contacts. To have a check on what you have uploaded so far just tap on the cone icon present below the search bar.

Tumblr is one of the best Pinterest alternatives.

It allows you to search for about almost anything that you would like to.

On its website, you will get information regarding your activity at the top right corner. Activities like what’s trending, your messages, notifications regarding the posts that you upload and setting for your Tumblr account all could be accessed from the dashboard.

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2. Flickr

Pinterest alternative apps - Flickr

Here’s yet another alternative to Pinterest (and a great alternative to Instagram!)

Flickr allows you to follow people and join different groups with respect to what you search. For the best results don’t forget to follow Flickr, it provides the best suggestions that are based on your interests. With the options on the dashboard, it’s quite simple to use it.

To manage your Flickr account, simply point your mouse on You, right beside the Flickr logo on the left. Then select from the options which include information regarding your account, Images you have uploaded, Your gallery, Groups, etc.

To show your photos publicly you need to upload them on the Camera Roll in Flickr. Besides You, Explore allows you to keep tabs on the recent activities on the website. In Explore, you can use the World Map which shows where on earth the photos and blogs are uploaded or watch episodes of The Weekly Flickr.

After Flickr was purchased by a professional photo hosting service SmugMug in 2018, it no longer offers 1TB of storage. Now, you can just upload up to 1000 photos for free. This gives about 2-3Gb of free storage.

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3. PearlTrees

PearlTrees - Sites Like Pinterest

PearlTrees is quite similar to Pinterest. It allows you to choose from 3 account plans, Public which gives you access to 1GB of storage and is free of cost.

Private which offers 10GB of cloud storage, no ads, offline usage from the app and high priority help and support with just $2.99/month. With the Advance plan, you get 100GB of storage and all features available with just $4.99/month. You can have a free trial for 14 days for both Private and Advance and can cancel whenever you want.

Just like Pinterest’s board and pin, it follows the Tree and Pearls concept.

You simply have to select or search for a category and follow it and it will be your Tree. Once you follow it you will get notifications from that blog. It also shows the collection of similar Trees you followed. Now you can add Pearls to the tree of your choices either from the web or upload it yourself.

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4. We Heart It

we Heart it

While there are many websites and apps like Pinterest, We Heart It stands out on almost all of them.

This place is made especially for the young and teenager girls. It has a simple interface. Select what you like from the wide range of categories like fashion, music or any celebrity or gossips and start to see the collection it has to provide you.

Get the latest feed from the one you follow, Discover new and popular items, read articles from the different genre and follow channels of different topics. You also get to upload what you like. A feature of Heart button in which you can share photos, article and URL with just tapping the heart icon on your Chrome browser. You can add the button by installing the Chrome extension mentioned on their website to share stuff with a click of a button.

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5. Dudepins


We can definitely call it Pinterest for men.

This app is certainly good for those who are looking for tips regarding manliness whether its cars, fitness, clothing, hair styles or funny stuff. You won’t be disappointed. It is possible to share articles on Dudepins to other social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

It is more mature and classy, so if you are looking for content aimed at men then Dudepins is where you should move to.

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6. Fancy

fancy app

Fancy is an online social world which deals in selling of products. Products are of different categories like for men, women, house decor, for pets and gadgets etc. They do not sell their own product but share the photos and suggestions of different sellers. They share the items on a commision basis.

Read articles regarding any products or get up to date with the global fashion on Fancy. One stop for all your fashion needs.

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7. foodgawker


Who does not love to eat? Well, in that case, we bring you Food Gawker. This site will surely make you drool as it contains food pictures. From breakfast, starters, to dinner, whether you are a vegan or not. Have a sweet tooth? Not to worry it has a menu for everything to make you hungry. Take a look at the most gawked dish or search what your eyes want to feed.

This one is basically a website for all of the foodies out there. Come and get hungry.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you love fashion, want to explore the world or have a knack for something different, all these websites and apps like Pinterest would certainly feed your hunger for more. Explore the world of idea and opportunities and on other hand provide with some of yours. The more you share the more you get.

If you really want the best Pinterest alternative then from my side you can go for Tumblr or Flickr, both serve their purpose. Tumblr has more fun content and Flickr is more about professional photography.

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Hitesh Sharma is a tech enthusiast who is always happy to learn and present new things regarding the social and online world. Loves to eat and sleep, who does not? Likes to explore new things and places, and always ready to share his part of the knowledge.

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