totallee Phone Case Review For iPhone 6, Galaxy S8, S9+: Basic Protection Without Adding Bulk

Own an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy series? Then you definitely would like to show if off time to time. Samsung and Apple both are creating the thinnest smartphones which users surely love and adore. But sometimes do you feel like your phone is vulnerable to damages and lacks protection, and certainly, you don’t want to use any cover or case that would either alter its look or add extra bulk to it. totallee the super thin scarf case which would certainly add more protection to your existing smartphone without even altering its looks. So let’s begin with the super thin scarf case review.

1. The Box

The case came in a cardboard box which looked pretty impressive. The box has the name of the company printed on it which is pretty attractive. There is a small strap of ribbon at the bottom which you have to pull to open the box.

totallee box

Inside the box, the cover was packed in a separate box which surely looked amazing considering the fact that it’s just a cover. Besides the box, totallee also sent a note with greetings and some quick information about the case.

totallee box contents

2. Design

totallee is one of the worlds thinnest phone case, designed to be minimalistic. The Scarf is as thin as 0.02″ and weighs 0.1 oz or less. Made of durable polypropylene, this case certainly seems pretty good compared to other plastic cases and is quite flexible as well.

totallee case flexibility

For iPhone, the covers come in 3 variants: Matte, Glossy and Leather. Matte has 6 color options Frosted white, Solid black, Grey, Navy blue, Burgundy red or Deep green to choose from. While Glossy comes with a Jet white or Jet black, and Leather comes in Black or Mocha color options. For S8 the case is available only in one variant i.e. Matte with Frosted white, Solid black or Grey color option. Meanwhile, for S9+ you get to choose from Matte with Frosted white, Solid black or Grey color options and Glossy with Jet white or Jet black color.

totallee case design

The super thin scarf case looks premium and does not feel slippery, to be honest, it will make you feel nothing at all. Most important and the best feature about the case is that it has no branding on it. The cutouts for the hard press keys, camera, flash, all the sensors, speakers, headphone jack, and charging slot are perfectly aligned. Meanwhile, there’s a little bump on the cut-out of the camera for protection of the lens on S8 and S9+.

totallee phone case review - s8 s9+ iPhone 6

3. Hold & Grip

The fit of the case is perfect for all of the smartphones. While holding it the case didn’t feel like its there except for the fact that you could feel the plastic material. Further, it does not mess with the existing style of the smartphone. Most of the plastic covers tend to get loose or wear off from the corner which reduces its hold on the smartphone, but this cover will stick to your smartphone just like its wearing a skin.

The matte finish of the cover goes a long way in providing a firm grip which is great for full glass body phones like S8 and S9+.

totallee super thin case for iPhone 6

Not adding any bulk, the super thin scarf case still manages to offer good, basic protection. Don’t worry about smudging or scratching the glass panel on the back, or the chromes and edges. You wouldn’t have to struggle with super thin scarf case to put or remove it. Even if you remove it, it will get back on without any trouble.

totallee phone case s8

4. Pricing

The price considering the fact that it’s super thin scarf case seems fair as it does what it is made for i.e. basic protection without adding any bulk whatsoever. You can buy it from on Amazon with the prices starting from $17.99.

Buy on Amazon


  • Thin
  • Lightweight
  • Adds no extra bulk
  • 2 years warranty
  • No branding
  • Multiple color option


  • No drop protection
  • Bendable, so don’t try to play around with it.

totallee Phone Case Review: Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for a phone case that can give your phone drop protection then this one is a deal breaker. In that case, you can go for a cover like the Spigen Neo Hybrid. However, totallee made this case so you can get a basic protection against regular daily usage. So, if you want to keep your phone away from scratches and still preserve its stylish look then totallee Super Thin Scarf case is just the thing for you.

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