5 Of The Best Applications Like Instagram That Are Really Worth Your Attention

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Instagram is the trendsetter today. 

In 2019, this social networking site had 855 million users. All of them access this social media platform every month. More than 20 million businesses are represented on Instagram. It is hard to calculate even approximately the average income the platform gives to them. 

Moreover, this social networking site changed our lives. Now, it belongs to Facebook. But this post is not about the benefits and disadvantages of this platform (after all, we have a whole separate post about it). 

Where there’s demand, there will be supply. It goes without saying that some developers want to build a social networking site that will leave Instagram behind. 

In this post, we’ll talk about the most popular photo-sharing apps like Instagram. This information will help you analyze the competitors and decide which one is better. 

Get comfortable and have a look!

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This social networking site needs no introduction. While analyzing apps similar to Instagram, we couldn’t pass by this service. 

When we all need inspiration, we go to Pinterest

This application has the reputation of the most influential visual application. No matter what you are searching for – an idea for home design, a cookie recipe, or anything else – you’ll find here absolutely everything! 

This photo-sharing platform has almost one billion ideas ranging from art to DIY projects.  It’s a business-friendly service where you can promote your brand and make it closer to customers. 

It is also helpful for personal use. 

People like attractive visuals, and this is where the power of Pinterest lies. The most enormous benefits of Pinterest are a user-friendly interface, browser plugins, and a mobile app.

Check it out!



It’s another social network that is an excellent alternative to Instagram. 

However, not every user can test its features because this platform is not free. Moreover, it was developed specifically for the users of iOS-based devices

The main goal of the Hipstamatic platform is to provide users with an opportunity to apply filters to an image before or after you take it. 

Moreover, the service also comes with a massive suite of tools that can be used for making vintage images.

The interface is user-friendly and resembles an old camera. If you like making retro images and want to join this popular trend, you should definitely join their community. 

After you edit photos in Hipstamatic, you can share them on Facebook, Instagram or any other social networking site.

Take a look at Hipstamatic here.



If you are a photographer and looking for a social network that can also provide you with the storage space, the use of Flickr might be a good idea. 

This is probably the best platform for photography enthusiasts. Moreover, it also features a wide array of editing tools that help you create a superb photo. 

You can make a photo, download it to Flick, use its editing tools and share your image with other users of this community. 

Here, you can also create albums. Moreover, users of this tool say that it works even much better than Instagram, especially when it comes to dealing with different dimensions. 

Overall, it’s a superb solution for photographers so feel free to use it!

Take a look at it here.



You can also opt for Imgur, a powerful photo and video content sharing platform, which is mostly focused on building fun content.

You can also share personal photos here, but its target audience are people who are looking for entertaining content

Users of this platform can share images, GIFs, or entertaining videos. However, private accounts aren’t accepted here. The overriding purpose of the platform is to share content with the whole community, but not with some particular groups of people. 

Both Imgur and Instagram have very similar feature sets, but their core audiences are different. Therefore, if you like creating funny content, feel free to use this platform. 

Talented people are warmly accepted here.

Check it out!



This platform is the main competitor of so beloved Instagram. 

It’s a camera-based application that enables you to get in contact with users via photo or video. 

However, it also supports some augmented reality options and filters. Moreover, users of this platform can also build their own emoji

All these features make the application more interactive for users. 

By the way, users of Snapchat can make posts or download short stories that live for 24 hours. As you can see, functionality of both competitors is very similar, but we can see that this platform is gradually snapping on Instagram’s heels.

This service also offers multiple ad types that enable users to promote their services or goods online. You can either run ads instantly or schedule them. 

There’s also a video editing suite that allows you to create unique video content including loop videos. Video streaming, tune performance and instant messaging are also available. 

Overall, we can say that this photo-sharing app is definitely worth your attention.

Take a look at Snapchat here!

Did You Like Our List Of Apps Similar To Instagram?

All in all, the social networking market is overloaded with Instagram competitors. 

We don’t know how long it will last, but today, it is at the pinnacle of success. 

However, the success of such apps demonstrates that such software solutions are in demand. People like taking photos and sharing them online. 

If you are tired of Instagram, feel free to test its competitors. Maybe you want to develop your own app like Instagram; you shouldn’t be afraid of competitors! 

Go ahead, stop hesitating!

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